As you know from running your business, team members come from a WIDE variety of professional backgrounds and competencies.

Sure, it can be great to have someone on board with a stellar degree or an impressive work history – but that doesn’t mean your team members have an understanding or skills beyond their respective positions that are necessary to make the firm as a whole GROW!

If you really want to get the most out of your investment into staff members, it’s critical to put each one through comprehensive training on leadership & management so they can fully understand:

• Your values, vision and the “why” behind everything that takes place in the office.

• Your REVENUE and VOLUME numbers – and the position each staff member uniquely plays in making sure these goals are reached each and every month (and how to catch up if they are behind so revenue stays on track!).

• The importance of cloning yourself on operations, systems and “office stuff” so you have the confidence that balls aren’t being dropping in the office, and that “busy work” is kept off of the entrepreneurs’ plate.

• How to make the transformation from being an employee to an “intrapreneur” who takes full responsibility for their jobs and work in your practice as if it were their very own law business and their personal money was on the line.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter if your staff members have been with you for one week or 10 YEARS …

… it is NEVER too late to empower your team members to break out of the J-O-B box and adopt a real “skin in the game” ownership position in your business!

Here’s how we can help make this happen for you with the remaining 13 weeks in 2017… and every year after.

This week only, Laney and I are releasing full access to our VIP Leadership & Management Academy, which has educated private clients and team members across the country through over the past 21 years.

This 12-week program (and a few BONUS ones too) is for EVERYONE in your office (from the receptionist to the CMO to you as the business owner). Conducted in a private virtual classroom setting.

Think of it like a master’s-level leadership training on the ins and outs of running (and growing) a business …

… but YOUR business as a whole reaps the benefits of having truly focused, ambitious and determined employees who deeply care about reaching your goals and bringing to fruition your big vision to your business.

We have decided to crack open our “vault” and release this 12-week one-on-one, customized weekly program at a crazy low price to help you make your team the most efficient, resourceful and profitable aspect of your business!

BUT here’s the deal: We only have space for ONLY FOUR MORE private clients!

You’ve already made such huge investments into your team members … why not go one step further to ensure that everyone is working at maximum efficiency and primed for long-term growth and success within your business?

This training will help ensure that happens – quickly – and with benchmarks that you can easily measure to ensure everything is working as you desire and expect.

To schedule a complimentary 30-minute “Strategy call” to discover whether this program is right for you, click here to schedule here now.

You only need 12 weeks to clone EVERY SINGLE PERSON who works in your practice to act, think, operate and make decisions like it’s their very own business!

Here’s to your empowered team (business),

Molly & Laney

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