So often we receive phone calls from frustrated attorneys asking “can you fix my assistant”.  That answer alone is a blog (or a book).  However what is critical about the question, “can you fix my assistant?” is the flip side of that question; “What can I do to support a team member whom doesn’t need to be fixed?  The person, the one, which constantly shows up, does a great job and produces consistent results.  So often the attention and resources are given to the “squeaky wheel” and the “good” team members are left alone to keep doing a “good” job.

We are then surprised when they become inconsistent, complacent or leave.  This makes us just heartbroken for the attorney because it never, ever has to be that way. The attorney is ALWAYS in shock and “had no idea” their key team member was unsatisfied.   And the “good” employee just simply felt bored and stuck.

The “good” employee has a very, very basic need – the easy, inexpensive need for growth and unlimited opportunity.  It’s really that simple. Trust us. We’ve interviewed THOUSANDS of employees. The kicker is this typically doesn’t require anything from the attorney to proactively provide – other than awareness and a small monthly fee with an enormous ROI.  90% of the time people leave simply because they ARE talented and they want to be in a positive environment where there is an opportunity for growth.  Otherwise, they get stagnant or they leave.  And honestly, do you really want someone on your team who doesn’t require growth in their life?

Quick Check:
1. Does each team member know the firm goals you have set?  Including due dates and their role in achieving them?  (Or are your goals in a binder you review, alone.)
2. Do you do minimally conduct annual employee reviews?  In your review do you create and discuss growth tracks for your “good” team members.
3. Can each team member tell you where they see themselves in 3 years in your firm?  What role the want to “own”?  (Is this ‘news’ to you?)
4. Does your team have written goals? (That you are aware and in support of.)
5. Have you and your team identified their 3 Most Important Activities in the firm?  (Or is there a “whatever it takes to get the work done” motto which results in everyone “not being on the same page”?)

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If you answered no to any of these questions, you may want to revisit how you provide your team a place to grow. 

Providing leadership and growth for your team is an on-going, never complete responsibility and truly an honor that gives back to you as well.  The flip side of this is being in the “hiring-firing” mode, yet again! Without a growth track for your team, you can set the clock to “Repeat Cycle” every 90-days while you converse at the club with your friends about “how hard it is to find good people nowadays!” 

One reason we love the “Don’t be a Yes Chick” teleseries is that it is a proven system for your team to get the resources, grow and learn how to support you in a language and method that works for you, and for them.  Because we are team members we “speak” team and have “been there, done that”.  We can relate to your team’s excitement, frustration and overall needs.  Because we are also entrepreneurs, we can help your team with insight on how to support you, the business owner, and the overall goals of the business.

It’s a wonderful place to put your talented team members so they can plug into resources, ideas and techniques of like-minded, “up to something big”, support team.  And when your team is up to something big, a lot of the nuisances like gossip, lack of focus and inconsistency fall by the wayside.  Energy levels increase and you can finally work on growing your firm with the CONFIDENCE of knowing the team you need to handle the growth is ready and growing with you.

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Champions of Your Continued Success,

Molly and Laney

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