business-couple-showing-thumb-up-10089913Usually, doing the first round of phone interviews for a position we are filling is a bit frustrating.  You’ve all been there – weeding out the people who look great on paper but are immediate NO’s once you talk to them.

For instance, there was the woman who interrupted our phone interview to place her order in the McDonald’s drive-thru.  Another woman wanted a starting salary of $50k despite her lack of work experience beyond retail cashier, just because her daycare costs are high.  (Mine are too, but what does that have to do with the salary your experience warrants?)  And my favorites are the ones who just don’t show up for a scheduled call.  A huge benefit of the Smart Hire Solution™ process is that we deal with the frustrating and sometimes disheartening portion of the hiring process so you can approach your interviews with refreshing vision instead of aggravation.

We can also help you hit the jackpot. Today I was impressed and inspired while conducting phone interviews to fill a Client Services Coordinator position in Orlando.  In the midst of 20+ candidates who were no’s, three candidates stood out who were willing to take a significant pay reduction to interview for this position.  Truthfully, that is always a red flag to me that warrants more exploration.  It’s a grand idea to talk about taking a pay cut for a more fulfilling position.  It’s another thing altogether to face the reality of your bank account.  As we talked more, each of these three candidates shared specifically why the industry or role they were in did not provide the work/family balance they desired.  Nor did it provide any meaningful result other than a good salary.  They were searching for something to allow them to balance their priorities in life and make a difference for others through their work.  Money alone wasn’t enough anymore.

Many business owners we talk to don’t hesitate to say, “I want the career-minded person who will get in here and work late and make this job their focus.”  Others profess to believe that “In this job market, you can get talent for pennies on the dollar!”

Not so.  I was the workaholic singularly focused on my career for years.  And guess what? When life caught up to me and provided me a family, and I began to follow my passion of traveling to volunteer in orphanages, it all fell apart.  I didn’t know how to balance work and family.  Instead I tried to do both 150%, and things started collapsing.  It’s a learning process that can be tough for the employee and the employer to go through.  Having the opportunity to hire someone who has already realized the need for balance, and who has already made the move to obtain it, will provide YOU, the employer, more stability and much clearer expectations with your team member than going through the resetting process to figure out balance.  (I’m not saying its not worth it to go through this process with a key team member.  It definitely is, but if you can get someone whose already gone through that experience it’s a huge win.)

Hiring a talented team member for “cheap” isn’t really that common in the job market these days.  It’s like Bigfoot – people talk about it but we rarely see it.  And if you come across a person willing to accept pennies, they will typically leave you for a job paying $1 more an hour.  They are in a desperate position and not really evaluating whether your position is a good long-term fit for them.  They resent the instability and their lower-paying position, and they will move on at the drop of a hat.

This is distinctly different than candidates who will intentionally accept a lower salary to move into a position that will fulfill them and provide them balance and meaning, with room for growth.  Such candidates aren’t desperate, they are purposeful.  They don’t discount salary.  It’s an important factor.  But it isn’t the only factor for them, and they are willing to work hard and contribute, knowing more money will come.   And they won’t sell you out for a $1 an hour increase.  These type of candidates are evaluating the position to see if it’s a place they can put their heart and soul into and have longevity, and they are your jackpot.

Do you want the cheap employee or the employee who will contribute and commit to growing your company in the knowledge that you can all win together?  Need help figuring it out?  Talk to us about the Smart Hire Solution™ process.

Champions of your continued success,

Laney and Molly

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