Do you consider your happiness and personal well-being to be luxuries?

If so, it’s time to recalibrate. You have a right to happiness; it’s part of your soul and your spirit. Yet many of us scrap that right all too quickly, choosing to save face, to keep the peace – to obey.

When we stop and let ourselves feel what’s going on, we catch it. Something is missing. Maybe we’re feeling restless, or ill at ease. We struggle to put the problem into words that just aren’t there, so we eventually let it go, drop back into auto-pilot, and continue down an aimless path. We numb out with work, TV, gossip, food – or something stronger. We stay busy to avoid the feeling of discomfort, but it always resurfaces, like the leaky faucet that barely registers but always irritates anyway.

Sooner or later, you realize you aren’t connected, you aren’t present, you aren’t engaged in life around you – you are just going through the motions. Life is not an active choice, it’s become a lifeless response.

Well, consider this your wake-up call. There’s another way to be. All you lack is permission.

Permission is the missing ingredient in our lives that keeps us from feeling, transitioning, adjusting. The need for permission is everywhere. It’s what keeps some of us from progressing, and allows others to move forward.

After years of coaching and working with people, we have come to realize that permission is a way of living. It’s a way that people can more easily learn to navigate through life – maybe in a time of transition, or a time of letting things go, or to detach from an outcome, or just to be who you want to be. In almost any case, permission applies. When we use permission to support ourselves, we can more easily adjust, adapt, and redefine what we want from life.

Most of us are afraid to even say, “This doesn’t feel right,” or “I’m not happy.” People blunt their feelings, fight their awareness, and react by using the numbing strategies above. Ultimately, they disengage from life, work, and the people around them. Over and over again, we encounter people who are always running from something, instead of running toward what they really want to create for themselves. Yet when they understand and operate from a place of permission, things shift.

Permission is a process. It’s a process that allows us to be more compassionate with ourselves and others. It helps us gain perspective, understanding and awareness about who we are and how we are showing up in our lives. It bestows a sense of empowerment, lets us become more engaged in life, strengthens our relationships with those around us – and most of all, it improves the relationship we have with ourselves.

In our next few blog posts, we will elaborate on how permission can allow you to navigate life in a way that is more congruent and in alignment with what works for you. We hope you will follow along, and learn to give yourself the permission you need, want and crave so you can create a life that gives you peace and honors who you truly are.

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