Many of us make annual contributions from our businesses at the end of the year to charities we support.  Our Eighth Day of Christmas idea is to engage your clients to participate in this cause that is important to you, not as a donor, but by helping you choose.  This idea is something attorney George Constant, of Massachusetts, has done for years and enjoyed his clients’ response.  (Thank you George for allowing us to share your great idea.)

It works like this:

Narrow down the charities you support to a few.  Use your December newsletter, e-zine or email alerts to allow your clients to vote on which charity your firm will make its annual donation to.  This is a great way to let clients be a part of something you already do anyways.  It can be a great relationship strengthener to let your clients be a part of the causes your law firm supports. 

By using email, it may not be too late to take advantage of this idea this year.  Or put a reminder on your calendar now for November of 2010 to add this feature to your December newsletter. 

To your continued success,

Molly and Laney

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