It doesn’t matter if our business is approaching a big change, nothing is changing or everything feels out of control. When we are awakened at 2 a.m. with that underlying feeling of doubt loaded with unhelpful questions such as, “How do I know this will work?” or “My life would be more foreseeable it I went and got a J.O.B.,” the reason is immaterial.

Sometimes it’s a new idea we are attempting to pull off – one of those “if this doesn’t work …” ideas. Sometimes it’s a tough change we’ve had to make – one of those start over, sharp left turn in life type of changes.  And the question running around in our heads is often, “What if my luck has run out?” or “Who do I think I am trying to pull this off, I’m not equipped.”

Well, what if you could replace doubt with a confident, safe bet? Certainty.

When doubt wakes you up, or creeps in before you write that big check for that online marketing strategy, here’s an Undoubtedly Mindset that will help (and allow you to return to your much-needed recharge sleep):

  1. We pulled off the last idea because we were able to make an informed decision with the information we had at the time. We asked powerful questions, we planned it out (even if it seemed chaotic at the time) and outlined the known resources needed to make it happen. Those are the behaviors of a successful business owner.
  2. We have been in business for X years. We are still here. We can let go of this underlying fever of doubt. We are successful because we have a vision for our business and we are taking calculated steps (not risks) toward our vision and goals ? no matter how small the steps, we are in action. Inaction breeds doubt and inability to make progress.
  3. We have people around who believe in our vision and mission. They have used their voices and spoken up with their ideas on our strategy. They have the mindset of an owner and belief in our passion, and they emulate our values. There is nothing to doubt.

Think back to when you were starting out and you didn’t know what you know today. You were winging much of your decision-making. And you’re still here. In business. And that is what makes you exceptionally qualified to pull it off again. In fact, this time you are even more prepared than the early years because you have discernment, proven strategy and wisdom ? and a mental file cabinet of what not to do.

Even if the last time failed, there is HUGE learning in that – probably even more than if you succeeded.

What if it’s a start-over decision AGAIN? What if you are letting that team member go and started the search for a new one again? What if you are pulling a business idea out of the marketplace and starting from scratch AGAIN? You are able to start over, rebuild, regroup and succeed because you HAVE done it before. Having done it before doesn’t deplete your ability to do it again. In fact, it increases it, because you have more experience and know how to draw on it.

So instead of treating your past as events that drew from a finite amount of success in your life, multiply the past by drawing on it and using it as fuel for your now. We like to pull from a powerful exercise we did at a Strategic Coach workshop years ago. It began by having you look 10 years into your past and write down your income, your job and other factors about your life. Then identify what you’ve learned, accomplished and gained as a resource since then. (Here’s a hint – the most valuable ones usually aren’t money, they are usually about what you accomplished when you were young and unaware.)

Can you rebuild your business brand? Heck yeah! You built a business from scratch when you probably barely knew what you were doing. Of course you can take all that knowledge and all those connections and rebuild. You know so much more now than you did then. Mostly, you know what you want in your business brand – what authentically represents you.

Can you let go of ANOTHER employee and start looking again for the right one? Yep! Is it a hassle? YES! But you now know the power questions to ask and exactly what you are looking for.

Don’t let your past successes or failures allow you to doubt yourself ? or your team. Don’t let the doubt stall you or stop you from staying in action and moving forward, one small step at a time, in your business. Practice and print out the Undoubtedly Mindset and put it at your bedside for the next time you are awake at 2 a.m. It will remind you that you not only have exactly what it takes, you’re still in business. You’re doing better than most.

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