employee training, development & empowermentIn our more than 20 years of experience coaching and developing law firm leaders and their teams, we have heard this so many times: When we hired you to coach our team, we expected you to assign traditional team building activities—you know, like Lego-building or ropes courses…BUT WE’RE SO GLAD YOU DIDN’T!

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not anti-team building. Team building exercises can be fun, and can also promote bonding between your leaders and employees. However, team building exercises alone will not yield the results your law firm needs to get to the next level. They will not empower your team members to step up and lead so you can clear your plate and focus on your top five revenue-growing activities. And they will not help your team members hold themselves accountable to each other.

Team building, when executed sans strategy, is a total waste of time.

So, if you’re looking to make real change at your firm, how can you starting developing your team? How can your firm cultivate its employees, train, develop and empower them to make decisions that support your firm’s growth, create clearcut career trajectories for them, hold them accountable to each other—all while fostering loyalty and retention?

1. Kolbe Personality Assessments. This unique system of personality assessments can maximize your employees’ potential by identifying their natural talents and matching them with specific tasks, as well as with their leaders’ expectations. With the guidance of a skilled facilitator or management consultant, understanding the nuances of each team member’s personality will enable them to work together in a cohesive way—in a way that holds them accountable to each other—and in a way that benefits both them and the firm. The cherry on top of all this is that team members will learn how to work together…while working on actual firm tasks need to be completed anyway!

2. Employee Empowerment. Yes, we know this is a buzz word. And we also know that not every law firm leader understands exactly what it means. Employee empowerment doesn’t mean empowering employees so they rise up and stage a walk out. Rather, it means giving your team members the authority to make decisions about the day-to-day operations of your firm so you can focus on your most important revenue producing strategies. But, before employee empowerment is possible, your firm needs…

3. Coaching, Training & Development. Before an employee can be granted the authority to make important business decisions, you need to trust that they possess the skills necessary to make great decisions. Law firm coaching programs, such as our Team Empowerment Academy, are designed to offer training and development for all members of a team—leaders included—with the ultimate goal of shifting leadership from the attorney to their team members. After our 8-week program, your firm can expect to see measurable results in every area of its practice. Furthermore, investing in employee training and development shows your team members that you trust them, believe in them, and want to support their professional growth. Talk about fostering loyalty and improving employee retention…

If you’re not getting the results you need out of team building exercises and are ready to see some real progress and growth amongst your firm’s employees, it’s time to think about implementing an employee coaching program. You need employees to understand how to best communicate with their leaders and colleagues, how to function in meetings, how to work together to reach common goals, and how to step up and lead already!

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