You already have enough to deal with on a day-to-day basis. You have to battle all of the pressure and stress to keep payroll flowing and the doors to the business open.

So when you have employees who don’t seem to manage their own workflow, keep office/personal drama at bay, or even step out of the box when necessary to handle new tasks or client matters without constant micromanaging and oversight …

… it can make you want to rip your hair out. Or worse, it might make you want to go back to being a solopreneur where, if you have to do EVERYTHING yourself, at least you get to keep 100% of the pay!

Yet what I have learned in over 20+ years of working with business owners and the teams that support them is that your employees really don’t want to make your life SUCK in this way, or to let you down.

They either 1) don’t feel confident enough in their training and knowledge to do a great job; 2) don’t have the right STRUCTURES in place that set them up for success instead of failure; or 3) don’t understand the importance of their contribution as it relates to the success of the entire firm.

Frustrating, yes, but totally FIXABLE!

In fact, tweaking and changing 1, 2 and 3 above is SO much easier than constantly hiring, training, motivating, firing or quitting and starting from scratch with new people again!

Ready to learn how it’s done?

This week, we released for the first time ever our VIP Leadership & Management Academy, which is designed to plug the money and productivity holes that are costing you big time in your business …

… as well as revamp and re-inspire your entire team – whether your employees have been with you for 10 weeks or 10 years.

After just a few weeks working through this interactive program, you can expect measurable results and breakthroughs in every area of your practice, including:

• Finally stopping the dysfunctions of the team and equipping each team member with the training, resources and guidance they need to do their jobs successfully and with excellence.

• Discovering how to identify the top three most important activities for each person on the team; no more wasting time on the clock, revenue or resources … or having a team member in a position where he or she truly does not belong (and your practice suffers because of it!).

• The importance of providing value: This academy focuses on creating instant ROI by teaching team members how to step confidently into the contribution they can make in the business, which often includes an intense focus on boosting profits for all revenue streams.

• How to “mine the diamonds” in your team to bring out everyone’s Unique Ability in a way that makes impact, not only with work product, but in the eyes of prospective and current clients who will feel at ease, supported and deeply satisfied with their choice to work with your business.

• A “how-to” structure for the business. You and your team will learn how to put systems in place that powerfully but RESPECTFULLY help you focus on the most important contributions you make to the business in a way that fits your Unique Ability, skills and style. This includes a supporting structure to then keep your team focused and in their best possible zone.

• Easy ways to revamp the processes and ground rules of the business so you are finally controlling your workplace and not letting it control you!

• How not to fall into the management trap: The difference between managing and leading.

• How to evaluate if this training is ACTUALLY WORKING! You can expect measurable results and ROI from this program, and we’ll show you how to gauge short- and long-term success.

• “The 8 Keys to an Empowering Conversation”: How to communicate honestly and respectfully. So much power is lost in our fear or inability to communicate honestly with each other. This key learning supports you and your team in being able to articulate yourself, being honest while respectful and actually solving problems versus getting stuck in communication Ping-Pong or hiding out.

• Making your dream team come true – and making sure it doesn’t fall apart – ever again!

• Process for conducting ongoing quarterly performance assessments to ensure every team member, including the boss, is on a growth path to support their need to be personally challenged as well as supporting the growth of the firm!
Bottom line: You’ve come too far to NOT invest in the continued success of your core team and your business.

It’s time to ensure that your hard-earned dollars pay off over the long haul and that your law firm runs like a well-oiled machine. This is the program that makes it happen!

Don’t wait if you want to get in at the lowest possible investment , EVER released. We ONLY have space for THREE MORE private clients for the next 12 months!

If you have additional questions, please feel free to hit “reply” or click here to set up a call with you and/or your team members.

In your corner,

Molly & Laney

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