In our Seasonal Slowdown Strategies Series, we talked about how every marketplace and virtually every industry experiences a seasonal slowdown at the exact same time, each and every year. We’ve been sharing ten strategies to not only have an awareness of when that is for you (this would require being able to track revenues from past years) but also to proactively prepare for it so you can have a plan in place and come out on top when this traditionally depressing, energy-sucking phase ends.
Here the third strategy of the 10 Seasonal Slowdown Strategies you can implement with minimal time, money and trauma.
The Ultimate Seasonal Slowdown Plan
3. Moderate Makeover. Schedule 2 full Growth Days (typically Fridays) to spend on reviewing all your marketing collateral such as your welcome letters, flyers, website, etc. So many times when we open up our own websites we see “little” things that we want to refine or make simple edits too but we can’t get too because it seems like such a massive, overwhelming project.  If you schedule 1 day at the start of the month and 1 at the end of the month, you can hammer out a tremendous amount of small things that will make a dramatic impact and also put some gas back into everyone’s tank about your message and the marketplace.  Note, you can also do a review of brochures but we like to start with things that don’t cost you money to reprint or hire a graphic designer for.  You can make a tremendous impact by improving on the “little things”.
Stay tuned for Strategy #4!  If you missed previous strategies, The Coffee Clutch and Dialing for a Difference, click here .
Share!  What have you done to proactively plan for your traditional slowdown? We very much welcome what has worked for you!
To your continued success,
Molly and Laney

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