Earlier we shared the 3rd strategy with you, Moderate Makeover, that included how you can make a tremendous impact by improving on the “little things”.  Our Seasonal Slowdown Strategies Series, covers how to not only have an awareness of how important it is to track revenues from past years but also to proactively prepare for your slowdown so you can have a plan in place and come out on top when this traditionally depressing, energy-sucking phase ends.
Here is the 4th strategy of the 10 Seasonal Slowdown Strategies you can implement with minimal time, money and distress.

10 Seasonal Slowdown Strategies
#4. Hit the Trail. This is one of our favorites. Again, on your Money Days schedule time to go around to your local nursing homes, assisted living facilities, banks, funeral homes, churches – whatever the customary institutions are in your area where you can show up, bearing gifts of course. Trail mix is a more popular option than cookies or cake as many people are now more health conscious. Chocolates and donuts are no longer “IN” in many areas.   If you have traditionally been the one, as the business owner, that has taken care of this type of marketing – consider bringing a team member with you.  Not only can you introduce the team to some of your best strategic alliances as another point of contact for your firm but you will be relieving some of the pressure off you. This is the best “real time” training you can ever offer for your team member.  There is NO BETTER training than letting a team member see you in action. This one strategy alone will start to pay off within the next six months, we guarantee it. However, this trick is to not only implement this as a seasonal suggestion but to create a consistent monthly habit where you “hit the trail”.

As you make a habit of “dropping by”, you will notice people begin to remember you and have questions for you about people who need your help.  Don’t be surprised when you hear “oh hey, I have a client/patient I’ve been meaning to call you about who needs your help”. 
Stay tuned for Strategy #5!  If you missed previous strategies, The Coffee Clutch, Dialing for a Difference, or Moderate Makeover click here .

Share!  What have you done to proactively plan for your traditional slowdown? We very much welcome what has worked for you.
In your corner,
Molly and Laney

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