happy guy w laptopThe absolute Number One step toward showing the value of your role is to track and share the results you produce. This is an essential vehicle for communicating your value.

First and foremost, in order to share your results you have to track them!  But don’t fall into the trap of complicated, time-consuming tracking systems.  They just bog you down, and guess what? No one knows how to or cares to read the comprehensive reports anyway.

Second, figure out what to track.  Don’t waste time tracking what your boss doesn’t care about. Write down the three most important things you do in the company.  Think of this from the boss’ perspective, so consider the things you do that either bring in new money or help to collect payments.  We know there are innumerable things you do that are critical to keeping the business running, but you can’t track everything.  And, let’s face it, if there isn’t cash coming into the company, those other things don’t matter anymore.

Here are some examples:

  1. Book new client appointments;
  2. Complete proposals for the boss to use in prospective client meetings;
  3. Complete documents for the client’s signature so you can close a case and collect payment;
  4. Send out monthly billing invoices;
  5. Schedule events in which the boss can speak and market his services;
  6. Keep your website updated with new events and products.

Here’s what that Tracking Report might look like:

My three most important activities How it brings in money Superstar measurement (how many would earn me superstar status) Minimum acceptable measure (how many I would need to achieve to keep my job)

Review your proposed Tracking Reports with your boss, so you can get his input before you go any further.  Discuss together how to measure your results.

Don’t be afraid to measure your results, because your boss is measuring anyway.  Would you rather know what you should be shooting for or be judged unknowingly and possibly unfairly?

Measurements also make it a game.  Your boss will be much more open to helping you reach the goals you set together if you track what you are producing, and then discuss what is in the way of your achieving the top goals.  This appeals to their competitive problem-solving nature, rather than showing up like a whine about why you can’t get things done.

Set a “minimum acceptable result” – as in, what must I produce to earn my paycheck and keep my job.  Again, don’t be frightened; better to know where you stand than to be surprised one day.

Also, set a “superstar status result” – this is the ideal result that would thrill your boss, and it would earn you a pre-determined bonus.

To hear more about how to  create a plan to track and measure your employees’ value and effectiveness while also empowering them, email us to hear how we can support you in creating an effective Employee Evaluation Process.

Champions of your continued success,

Molly and Laney



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