resourcefulness in the workplace
To be successful, an entrepreneur must embody a wide range of characteristics: self-belief, discipline, dedication, hard work, confidence, willingness, and so on. But there is perhaps nothing quite as useful as resourcefulness in the workplace when it comes to achieving professional goals. Being resourceful at work—especially when you’ve set lofty goals—means adopting not a “can-do” but a “will-do-at-any-cost” attitude, and being willing to think way outside the box in order to get the job done.

Like all business skills, the characteristics of a resourceful person can always stand to be fine-tuned. Here are six ways to hone your resourcefulness and become the kind of entrepreneur who can leverage whatever is at your disposal:

1. Be open-minded. In any situation, consider a breadth of possibilities, and find value in people, circumstances and events. Moving outside of your comfort zone and breaking a few boundaries will help you redefine the reality of your situation and transcend obstacles.

2. Have confidence in yourself. Henry Ford famously quoted, “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.” And he was right! Self-assurance is the gateway to success. To develop confidence and prove that you’ve earned the right to be self-assured, run a daily log of your successes. Over time, it will become quite clear that you are a rock star!

3. Think creatively. Being resourceful in the workplace requires ingenuity and imagination—find new ways to leverage the same assets, or allow an idea that seems outlandish to evolve into something truly genius.

4. Take action now, not later. One of the most important characteristics of a resourceful person—especially an entrepreneur—is proactivity. Never put your success on hold until the ideal resources become available. Act now, and never settle for less.

5. Never, never, never give up. Some say that success is getting up one more time than you have fallen. Resourceful leaders don’t let failure or frustration stop them; rather, they become more motivated to succeed in the wake of a setback. Every failure is one step closer to success. Don’t quit before the miracle happens.

6. See the glass as half full. Even if the glass really only has a sip left in it. Resourcefulness in the workplace benefits dramatically from adopting an optimistic outlook. Positivity keeps your mind open to new possibilities and encourages even the most skilled leaders to continue learning.

In the modern business landscape, executive, leaders and entrepreneurs are accustomed to having everything they need, readily available at their fingertips. There’s an app for that, right? But as new challenges arise—and they undoubtedly will—the resourceful person will rise above the rest, using a seamless blend of ingenuity, common sense and good judgement to overcome obstacles and realize success.

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