Today’s LIFE ALTERING episode on Hiring & Empowering Solutions, spotlights “Truth Teller” Paula Friedland who is making a huge impact in the lives (and businesses) of impact-makers across the country. Whether Paula’s coaching clients one on one, leading Soul Speaks circles, delivering Leadership keynote speeches, her unique and interactive methods will deliver results that your group will be talking about (and utilizing) for years.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  1. How business owners can motivate their individuals who want to discover their inner talents, how to help your team “discover their inner talents”
  2. How to use the “relational presenting” technique–how to be present and speak from a deep place of truth.
  3. How to get a new employee coming in and starting out on their journey of supporting an entrepreneur—how to get present and begin speaking from a deep place of truth in an honest while respectful manner
  4. How employees who have so much welling up inside of them…they have ideas, they see where the “boss” is causing troubles (unconsciously) in the business and how a few 2 mm shifts can get them out of pain and overwhelm.. and learn how to Express yourself more fully and authentically
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