Today’s energy & relationship shifting episode on Hiring & Empowering Solutions spotlights Olivia Lundberg discussing how to find the power to courageously manifest the life you were meant to live…when you realize you have nothing left to lose. And how to powerfully and unapologetically decide to own your truths and live a life you LOVE.  Which is why she is so passionate about helping business owners and employees (people and humans) expand their notion of what is possible in their businesses, and with their clients, referrals and future opportunities. ?

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  1. How to prepare for difficult and uncertain conversations with employees, prospects, and clients, etc. with confidence and authenticity, when we normally tend to walk into these conversations with a level of anxiety and attachment to the outcome.
  2. How the energy, mindset & manifestation we bring “into the room” impacts our “Millionaire Mindset.”
  3. How to set up the Law of Attraction and Manifestation Principles in your work.
  4. How to integrate “Relationship Bubbles” as a best practice approach.
  5. How to check in with your energy and get really clear on how it is showing you where to take inspired action.
  6. How to use your energy to ground and anchor so you can come out stronger and more inspired than ever before.
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