Giving up control can be scarID-100223605y. I mean, who can do that job better than you? What if someone makes a mistake? And how will you ever teach someone everything you know? But just like so many other decisions, giving up control for the sake of growth is simply a choice.

The choice is clear.
Option One: Keep control = stay small.
Option Two: Give up control = go big.

What is your choice?

If you’ve made the choice to go big, keep reading.

Here are the steps to giving up control, while still loving what you do, ensuring maximum results, and growing at the same time.

Step One: Smart Hires and Smart Fires. It’s essential to your company’s growth that you hire slow and fire fast. This means ensuring that your team members are in the right role for them, not just filling in what you need around the office.

Step Two: Promote a Team Environment. Is your team working together or against each other? How are you working with your team to ensure they are working at their highest level? Are you rewarding the kind of behaviors you want to see more of, or do you only notice employees when they’ve done something wrong?

Step Three: Never Delegate – Give Ownership. Employees like to be valued and to feel like an integral part of the team. As soon as you act like they don’t matter, they stop caring about their role. The key to growth is giving away ownership of tasks, not delegating what you or someone else doesn’t want to do.

Step Four: Create Intrapreneurs. Intrapreneurs are those employees who act as an entrepreneur would. They have bottom-line thinking and are always watching out for how the company can grow. The more you trust and pass on ownership, the more you’ll create these dynamic team players in your company. And you can be sure they’ll take the bull by the horns – but only as long as you let them.

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Molly & Laney

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