“I can’t believe its December already!”

It’s December 6th and you are likely sliding headlong, fast and furious, into the Holiday craze.  You’re hurrying to get your Christmas cards out (while still not having cleaned up that Christmas card list) and jamming to get your annual maintenance program invoices out by year end (and still having kinks with your billing program you swore you’d figure out before year end.)

Well it is December…but before you get lost in the blur of holiday parties, overdose of candy and blink to find out its January it’s not too late to use this time of increased energy and hyperactivity to get a few things accomplished.

It’s easy really.  Any time we are up against a momentous time frame, like leaving on vacation or having surgery or something with a hard and fast deadline date we tend to use the momentum to get super focused and get a lot of things accomplished.   The end of the year can work the same way if you let it.

Simply look around you and pick ONE THING that has been annoying you.  Just one.  It could be a file you’ve been meaning to finish work on or getting a new software program installed and working correctly.  Pick up the mantra of “I’ll finish this by the end of the year.”  Use the ticking clock to create a sense of urgency and knock it out.   Just one thing…can clear room on your calendar and in your mind for big things.

Champions of your continued success,

Molly and Laney

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