Girl w team in the backgroundLast Tuesday, during our weekly “Team Empowerment Program” ™ teleclass, the topic was “What’s a Yes Chick” and Sarah chimed in with a fantastic question: “How do you know the difference between a Yes Chick and not being a team player?”  WOW, we loved the question and dove right into the conversation.

Simply put, here’s the difference between a Yes  Chick and a non-team player.

Yes Chick:

  • Nods in agreement even when he really has a better suggestion or approach that could save time, money, and frustration;
  • Hears an idea that will cost the company money and manpower, but goes along with the general consensus rather than objecting;
  • Gets annoyed when others don’t complete projects and tasks on time, but doesn’t speak up and object;
  • Displays the deer-in-the-headlights look by default.

Not a Team Player:

  • “Participates” in a meeting, doesn’t speak up but later comes back to her desk and sends an email (that you can’t even imagine the time she put into writing)  that is sent to only one person on the three-person team stating why she isn’t in agreement with what was decided;
  • The majority of the team agrees the project should go a certain way, but he  believes differently, and won’t let go and trust that an entire team will steer the company in the right direction;
  • Hears an idea she doesn’t fully understand, but not only does she not go with the general consensus,  she continues to mechanically object instead of trying to fully understand the idea/project;
  • Doesn’t fully understand the thinking around a decision but is unwilling to take a stand and ask for additional time to share his thinking, instead refusing to be part of the team/project.

Regardless if you find yourself or a team member becoming a “Yes Chick” or “Not a team player,” you miss the opportunity to grow and learn. By working in a small business, you get a real-life business degree. But you have to recognize it and reach out and take it. By being truthful and asking tough questions, you might earn the right to take part in discussions about everything from marketing to infrastructure to budgets and profits. Either road mentioned above means you miss the opportunity to take part in this education and growth. It’s a safe route, at least temporarily, but one with few rewards.

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