In today’s society having someone thaID-100233989t listens to your thoughts, lends you advice, and helps you succeed is not only a comfort but a necessity.

The demands of the professional world are becoming more and more rigorous. From challenging projects to unclear expectations to harsh deadlines, you may feel you’re fighting an uphill battle. When work takes this turn, your mindset changes, becoming a burden instead of a passion you enjoy. This leads to roadblocks, stalled out growth and inability to grow and increase your profits.

Having someone in your corner, who can provide guidance throughout your growth can ease the stress we are all so desperately feeling.

Essentially the point to be made is: everyone NEEDS a mentor, but not everyone knows what a mentorship looks like. Couple that with not knowing how to ASK FOR HELP and you have the perfect recipe for stalled out success. Here are three steps to get you what you need right now.

The first step is finding a mentor. Ultimately you, as a mentee, should look for someone you respect. Your possible mentor should have leadership skills and knowledge in your field of interest. Don’t just settle for anyone, but choose someone who desires to invest time into you and wants to see your personal and professional growth.

The next step is founding this relationship. Make your expectations known. Tell your mentor what you want out of the relationship, and vice versa. This agreement should be the foundation of your relationship and you need an excellent foundation to succeed.

The third step is choosing to grow together. Once a foundation has been made, you and your mentor can begin to build off of it. Just like any other relationship, quality time is an essential part of learning more about one another. When you and your mentor spend time together make sure you are being open about the successes and challenges you are dealing with; this vulnerability is crucial because without it your mentor will not be able to provide insight into your life.

Striving for success means allowing others to invest in your life. Pursue a mentorship not because you want it but because you need it! If you aren’t sure where to start in selecting a mentor or are ready to dive in with a mentor who will have your back, call us for a One Hour Business Strategy Session.

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