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It’s easy to get caught up in the normal day-to-day things in life that can keep you from achieving the goals you have set for yourself, but now is the time to break away from them! It’s time to take back the reins from excuses and take control of your destiny. Today’s guest is Sara Connell, the Founder Thought Leader Academy at Sara Connell Coaching, and the author of Bringing in Finn: An Extraordinary Surrogacy Story. Sara joins the host Molly McGrath to share some of her most important tips to help you make a big jump as a leader!

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Quote of the Show:

“Thought Leaders are NOT Seduced by Excuses” – Sara Connell



    • As a leader, it’s your job not to get “seduced by the excuse”. You need to be the example for your team and set the proper tone so instead of giving up on goals that you have set for yourself, you want to have the attitude of “I can, and I will”.
    • Research from Harvard suggests that you have an 80% likelihood of completing a goal just from writing it down. So if you are stuck on trying to achieve a goal, start by simply writing it down. 
    • When it comes to making a big leap in your personal or business life, it all stems from feeling empowered. Once you feel empowered to ask for a raise or to focus on the health of your team, you are more likely to chase after that goal.
    • It’s important to make sure that your team is healthy and functioning to the best of their abilities. If they are fully healthy and happy, they will work harder and feel more committed to achieving a goal. 
    • Action is the antidote to fear. It’s normal to be afraid of bigger conversations but if you want to get over that fear, then take the time to actually have the conversation instead of just overthinking it and playing it over and over in your head.
    • Take the time to sit down and write out three tangible contributions that you made to your team, organization or clients. This will show you the hard work that you have done and the important things that you have managed to accomplish.
    • If you have demonstrated the contributions that you have made, and show up with confidence, then it will be hard for a boss or client to say no to what you are asking.


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