January can be a scary month for business owners. December was busy with last-minute client work that made you feel like cash flow was humming and all is well. However, that often seems to hit a cliff in January. Clients are recovering from the holidays, and even if you are starting to book appointments, you might not see any checks coming in the door for a few weeks, or even months. At the same time, the never-stopping payroll clock is ticking and your bank account is looking a little scary.

I remember such days distinctly from when I managed a law firm, and I know them very well now as a business owner.

Luckily, through the years I developed a method for searching and finding hidden revenue already inside your business. And January is a GREAT time to move it and collect it until your calendar fills up again with new work.

Let us share this method with you in a one-hour Finding Money In Your Business call, during which we will help you and your team identify hidden revenue, create an Action Step to move it and collect it that is doable, reasonable and IMMEDIATE.   For $197, let us help you breathe a little easier this first quarter of 2017.

Dump your anxiety in one hour and go from feeling all over the place to a place of clarity and intentionality. Walk out of the strategy session with a short-term plan.

Contact us now to schedule your call at info@hirinandempowering.com.

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