I had a call with a small-bID-10077317usiness owner last week who phoned me up after he saw one of our blog posts on Twitter. I asked him to tell me a little about the makeup of his practice: team, time, marketing and money.

“I used to have six staff members, but I really didn’t want all that overhead, so now it’s just me and it’s much, much easier.”


I asked him, “How many hours a week are you working?” “Monday to Friday from 7 to 8 p.m., give or take. And at least one day a weekend, but not both.”

“So, roughly 65+ hours? And you’re not taking work home on the one day a weekend you don’t work, right?” Silence on the other end.

We then started talking about money, gross and net. I quickly took him through a time-and-money exercise, and that is when the “ah ha’s” erupted.

We discussed the cycle of what it takes to get out of owning a job and into owning a business (our old friend Robert Kiyosaki ), what it takes to find and keep a dream team, and how to focus on the top revenue-producing activities that only you, as the business owner (the golden goose), can do.

We talked about the hiring, training, empowerment and firing process, and about why you don’t want employees but intrapreneurs. I had just returned from giving a 90-minute presentation to a national organization on this very topic last week.
He was blown away. I wish we had recorded that.

After I hung up with him, it hit me – he’s right. I wish I had recorded that call, I wish for every every small-business owner who is winging it day in and day out, and feeling like they are totally alone on this stuff, to hear this.

If you are struggling with working “not that much” doing it all alone or with less than stellar staff, email us at info@yeschick.com for a complimentary Are you running your business? Or, is it running you? Diagnostic call.

By Molly Hall

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