If you want to go FAR…

Mission statements, business plans, life statements, strategic plans, 5 year, 10 year,  lifetime goals…it’s no wonder we are all living in a place of overwhelm and over commitment!  Don’t get us wrong we are RAVING fans of goal setting and purposeful plans. HUGE fans of putting pen to paper and revisiting and reconnecting with what you want on a quarterly basis. Our lifetime mentor taught us about goal setting and without it we would not be where we are today or know where we want to be five years from now. It is imperative that we have all those things.  But life smacks us all in the face every morning and our overwhelming “to do” lists suck the life out of us!

All the “buzz” these days is “less is more”.  We’ve learned along the way unless something is quick and simple on a day to day basis, it will get trumped by everything else you’ve already committed yourself too. In our experience it is daunting to look at our 10 year goals day on a day to day basis and actually disempowers you more than it fills you up.

Don’t stop creating your future and mapping it out. But once you do that put those goals in a place where they are hidden and you can revisit them on a quarterly basis or when you are travelling or have time to sit and reflect.  Schedule time in your calendar quarterly to “revisit long-term goals”. That’s it, not much more you have to do. It is amazing the power of writing them down and spending the initial time to plan them out.  That process alone will be a very powerful experience. 

So, now that we have a time and place set to revisit and adjust our long-term goals, let’s adopt a simple, fun process for moving forward with our short-term goals. 

What you need
1. Pen
2. White Index Cards
3. A box or container to put on your desk or nightstand for “Filing” – make it something interesting or fun like a pretty vase or an old cigar box.

How to get started
The format is very simple. “FAR”—the written word (goals) everyday will take you FAR.

F= Focus.  Be as specific as you can, be positive and write in the presence tense.

A= Accountability.  Just by putting your written word on your desk where you can see it, noon hits and you are 99% more likely to get up and start moving.

R= Relevance.  What is important?  Your goals aren’t just about business.  Make sure include family and personal goals too. 

Step 1- Schedule in your calendar at the start of each day 5 minutes before you start “work” or “life” a hard wired appointment for “FAR”.  Do this for the next 30 days.
Step 2- Take an index card and using only 1 side write your FAR goal.  Leave it on your desk where you will see it all day.
Step 3- At the end of the day, file it in your box or vase.  Molly has a beautiful tall vase on her desk where she just files these every afternoon before she leaves the office.
Step 4- Repeat the process the next morning and for the next 29 days. Trust the process.

Here are some examples (note the Focus, the Accountability and the Relevance of each):
9/7—“From 12-12:30 talk Finn (the dog) for a walk and recite out loud 5 things I am grateful for today”
9/8—“Surprise Aidan by picking him up from school today…just because”
9/9—“Take 3 deep cleansing breaths before my Toastmaster speech and speak from the heart with no notes”
9/10—“Register and pay for Parenting with Love and Logic class that I have been “meaning” to do for 2 years”

It is amazing how simple and fun the process really is. It easily sets the tone for your day and plants the seed of intentionality in your day with Focus, has some Accountability (staring you in the face all day) and has some Relevance (important things in your life).

That’s it…don’t overcomplicate it. Don’t beat yourself up if you didn’t get the goal completed by the end of your day.  Just say, “Maybe tomorrow”.  Or maybe not…maybe after you go through your day you see that it actually wasn’t something you were very committed to in the first place. It was just something you thought you “should” do. Either way, when you write it down every day it makes you ask yourself “how am I doing”, forces accountability and brings your current reality to the light of day.

The challenge is to try this process for 1 month (it takes 30 days to create a habit, right?) and you will be very surprised at the results you see! We would love to hear what came out of this for you, so feel free to share your results.

Champions of your continued success,

Molly and Laney

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