Team member cries…attorney gets annoyed… then feels bad. Repeat cycle. Sound familiar?

It’s unnecessary, ongoing torture because in this scenario the attorney isn’t going to change and the team member needs to find a workplace that is more in tune with her emotionality.  A place where she can thrive not feel attacked. So what do you do?  You fire and rehire.

We got a call from an attorney this week sharing the following all too common situation. “Shelia walked into my office this a.m. with welled up eyes – I know she needs to go but….” Many of you are nodding your head up and down saying “I KNOW!!” 

We’ve seen it one too many times for many reasons.  The silence of never addressing this situation, once and for all, is in stereo as we exit the “old” and enter the “new” year.  The attorney is being held hostage by the guilt because while Shelia isn’t a great fit they know if they are willing to be really honest with themselves they would say out loud “I know I did not give her all the direction and attention she needed AND I am not only worried what she will say in the community about me but also about having to go through the firing and hiring process again.  I know I will have to stretch and do it differently next time. I have no desire (or time) to spend time with the team.  Can’t I just find someone who can come in and get the job done without all the questions and drama?”

Our response:  Well, Option 1 is reactive. You do have a better chance of ending it WITHOUT her trashing you in the community and feeling awful about it by letting her continue to collect evidence everyday why you guys aren’t a great fit.  She already told you she isn’t happy and is bitter and resentful and one day either you or her lose your cool and end in quitting or firing in anger. Not a matter of IF, just when. We don’t really recommend this route.

Option 2 is proactive. “Listen, Shelia this really isn’t a natural fit – I didn’t do everything possible to help you with the direction and attention you seek in a place of employment. And in all honesty, I don’t know when that will occur. I don’t want you to be unhappy. Let me provide you a letter of recommendation, and a severance package if you are willing to work on an exit strategy for the work in progress.” Or something like that.  A proactive end to the situation.

Every time we see an attorney take Option 2 he or she comes back EMPOWERED vs. DEFLATED.

Unsure if you are falling into Option 1 or ready for Option 2?  We have a Smart Fire Solution™ Package that guides you to the resolution of firing with the Least Amount of Suffering While Keeping Your Integrity, Compassion & Sanity. If you are anguishing over whether to fire a “good enough” employee, The Smart Fire Solution™ will get you to a place of facts without emotions.  It will support you in your current situation while providing you with a systemized employee firing process that allows you to authentically take action today.  At the same time it leaves the employee “ok” because it was handled with integrity…and YOU will be energized.

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