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From C-level executives through administration and support staff, an organization is only as strong as its weakest link. There is a direct relationship between people and profit, and by investing in the right human resources, you’re investing in the success of your company.

It may sound counterintuitive, to spend money to make money. But when it comes to hiring and staffing, the right new hire can save you time and make you money…the operative phrase here being: “the right new hire.”

Here are three management and staffing strategies to help you hire for profitability:

1. Before you begin the recruiting process
Never, ever, ever cut corners when it comes to staffing—your profitability depends on it!

• Create job descriptions, and stick to them: Without a clear job description that details the exact needs of your company, you may lose sight of your wants and needs as you interview different candidates. It doesn’t do you any good to hire a great candidate who isn’t perfect for the position you’re hiring for.

• Screen candidates before their interview: email marketing programs such as MailChimp and Constant Contact make it easier than ever to conduct surveys. Send your candidates a survey and eliminate those who respond with unfavorable answers.

•Really actually check references: 70 percent of job seekers exaggerate their accomplishments and 35 percent straight up lie.

2. During the interviewing & hiring process
Finding a skillful candidate who is leadership material and a fit with your company’s culture is easier said than done.

• Diversity is profitable: If everyone you hire has the same set of skills, personality traits and characteristics, you’ll be missing opportunities to solve corporate problems in creative, new ways.

• Corporate culture is key: Business skills can be developed, but alignment with your corporate culture is mandatory. Research shows that, when your team is on board with corporate beliefs, perceptions and values, it improves your business’s bottom line.

• Interview questions matter: You won’t learn anything about a candidate by listening to them recite the “creative” answers to typical interview questions they were clever enough to Google before their interview. Ask these interview questions and really get to know your potential new hire.

3. Keeping your new hire happy—and productive
Hiring an A-game employee is only the first step. Now, your job is to empower them with the tools they need to thrive—all while feeling part of the team and trusting the integrity of their leaders.

• Give your new hire clear performance metrics: How will your new employee know how he or she is doing? By providing clear metrics to help them gauge their success, your new hire won’t have any questions about whether they’re succeeding.

• Let them know they make a difference: If your new hire doesn’t feel he or she is making a valuable and significant contribution to the company, productivity will plummet. Make sure they know how important they are to your organization.

• Listen first, lead second: Meeting with your employees when there’s a problem is one thing, but meeting with them when everything is going well is the sign of a strong leader—and a great way to help your employees feel understood, valued and included in your company’s decision-making process.

When you company implements staffing solutions that follow these “before, during and after: guidelines, you’ll be sure to see improved productivity and increased profit margins.

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