New year, new goals.

The start of a new year is a great time to align your team’s objectives for success. Whether you’ve had a rough year or a great one, this can be not only a clean slate for your company, but also for those employees that make up your team.

Before you put into place goals for your team, ask them what they want out of the coming year. When doing this, there is nothing wrong with reminding everyone of the company’s mission statement, core values and your shared business principles. Remember, watering the roots will grow a stronger tree. Keep everyone grounded in where you started from, before moving forward. After everyone has communicated their thoughts and ideas you can get to the exciting part: implementing new goals for the year.

Need suggestions on questions to ask? Consider these five:

  • Where can we gain more synergy as a group?
  • What do I want to be different this year than the last?
  • Where did we succeed? Where did things get rocky?
  • What does 2017 have in store for my team?
  • How will we grow toward our long-range goals?

With your questions formulated, you can hit the ground running in this exciting meeting. Keep in mind, these goals don’t have to only be about you and your business but can also be personal for them as well.

Once your team begins to take action, it is a good idea to put into place a way to hold one another accountable. You can hold yourself accountable to a certain extent, but having another set of eyes on you is an important part of being a team. Always refer back to your goals to make sure that everyone’s work reflects them.

January is always an exciting time for companies. Use this month as a way to reflect on your successes, and grow from your mistakes.

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