It’s not too good to be true, and yes, we are really offering you and your team access to our entire vault of team training and empowerment materials (and US!) for just $97 a month as part of the launch of The Team Empowerment Academy.

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But, most importantly, I want you to know about the RESULTS that other business owners have experienced in our program. It’s possible to feel good about your TEAM and your practice again—these stories prove it!

“I have a team full of rock-stars. The challenge was that they were floating around with no direction and no sense of their own power to make a real difference in the success of the company. The results were not in line with our potential. The solution was Team Empowerment. When I shared my frustration with Molly, she first had me (the owner) declare specific goals that would “delight” me, and I gave her specific numbers. She took over from there and through weekly calls with specific members of the team, she was able to tap into their skills and motivate them to perform at a higher level. The approach of applying the specific skills and work-styles of each of the team members to the tasks at hand created results immediately. Using the KOLBE™ and StrengthsFinder results, she was able to tailor the team’s projects and help them create systems of accountability that worked for them as individuals, in their own style – rather than applying a cookie-cutter “system” designed to work for everyone, everywhere. This customized approach triggered the desired results: My team members are tapping into their own individual power, working together toward common goals and creating results. They are focused and empowered, both as individuals and as a team. The difference is palpable, not just in the numbers, but in the attitudes and focus of each individual – and the cooperative culture of the firm. It is truly a joy to lead such a spectacular group.”

Susan Hunter, Attorney at Law

“I worked with the folks at Hiring and Empowering to assist my busy law practice. Our team came from diverse backgrounds. Some had worked in other law firms with much different cultures. Some had never worked in a law firm before. New team members always blurred the lines of roles and responsibilities between the team. Molly trained my team on how best to work together to meet common goals. The team was better equipped to support our lawyers as well as each other. She took the time to get to know our systems and workflow. Then she was able to identify which team members were best able to work in the various positions. The time Molly took to understand the different personalities and skills of our team members to understand how they could best support each other, improved our workflow and morale. The team always looked forward to the calls and left them eager to improve the organization as a whole.”

Sechler Law Firm, Mars, PA

I’d love to help you experience similar results in your practice and work with you to empower and train your team. If you’re in and ready to go…

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Here’s to your new EmPOWERed team,

Molly & Laney

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