Year End Advisory Board

 It’s HOURS before Christmas and about a week before a brand New Year.  You’ve been running at 130 miles an hour since Thanksgiving for the proverbial year end sprint to get cash flow in and the piles of lingering “stuff” cleaned up. You still have a daunting “To Do” list, both business and personal.  You’re feeling like your knee deep in the danger zone…days away from time off with family and friends and already have subscribed to the year-end advisory board (aka self talk) that goes something like this – “I’m thinking I should come into the office over the holiday ‘just for a bit’ to finish up some work while its quiet and nobody will bother me.” 

DON’T DO IT!  We know that you have committed to do what it takes to move your practice in the direction you want.  You and your team have likely done a tremendous job so far, even though it may not feel like it to you because you are in the thick of it.  We want to support you in creating the quality of life you desire. That being said, we respectfully petition that you absolutely take your time off over the holidays.  While you have an unwavering commitment to creating the practice you know you are capable of, it is very probable that anyone speaking with you can hear in your voice that your energy is somewhat depleted.  This is VERY natural as you balance the pressure to clear out cases and obligations while pushing your practice forward into new areas and new levels in preparation for the New Year.  The only work that is a MUST prior to ringing in 2011 is taking a few days off, consecutively. At a mininimum, 3 solid days in a row. You will get more done when you return rested and rejuvenated than you will sacrificing your time off with family.  We say this with the absolute and utmost respect and understanding of you.  Molly and I hold each other accountable to taking time off as we too feel the pressure to “work more and clear the decks” which ironically rarely works.  We promise you will come back with more energy and focus and be see more results.  Just because you are taking time out of the office doesn’t mean your subconscious isn’t still working on figuring out things and planning.  Often we have our best “ah ha’s” while out of the office or upon returning. Kind of funny how that works! Without the time off we GUARANTEE you will walk into the office on January 3rd feeling like Groundhog Day and “I shoulda” all over yourself!

We wish you a joyful, reflective, restful and rejuvenating holiday season full of connection and presence with your community of family and friends!

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