Every year we visit the same conferences and run into some of our favorite attorneys.  We inevitably are greeted in the same manner, “Ahhh, you won’t believe what the new girl I hired did…she is driving me crazy…” or “I have a new assistant, and, well, she is good, but something is missing…how do I train my gal to be a “Laney” or a “Molly”?   It really is quite simple.

We never accept an offer to ‘coach’ someone loosely and we don’t take our role in it lightly. We see a lot of potential and talent, everyday.  We talk with employees (team) that have what it takes – purposeful, powerful personality that allows them to impact other people in a very positive, empowering way.  However, to truly get to ‘that place’ it takes skilled training in the ability to put themselves in someone else’s perspective (you, your clients, your referral sources), 100% of the time.

The truth is, everyone wants to do what they love, make a difference and go home at night without a head full of wonder and worry.  Team members often feel like there is something “wrong” with them even though they have a “jump in and get it done” attitude.  And truly, 90% of the time there isn’t anything wrong with the employee. They just haven’t been given the dedicated training on techniques to eliminate the mental turmoil they find themselves going through when working for an entrepreneur. We’ve been trained as employees by our past jobs, but in a small, boutique business, the Employee Mentality does not serve anyone. The traditional employee mentality is filled with headaches, drama, HR nightmares, score keeping and an us-against-the-boss state of mind.

On the other side, the boss is always wishing for someone to “fix” their employee.  The employee is wishing for someone to “help” them.  All that is truly needed is an awareness of what your mind is doing and how to step out of it.  And trust us, we are only speaking from a place of having “been there, done that”.  There still isn’t a week that goes by that we don’t find ourselves going down a mental tunnel where there is nothing for but ‘stories’ and ‘stuff’ about our job.  The only way out of that dark, toxic place is the skill set to immediately correct your thinking and path. 

We can honestly say having the tools to do an immediate Pattern Break eradicates the mental questioning, worrying and unnecessary stress (for everyone).  It is so freeing when you “get it” and can start to really enjoy your job, life and people.  However, it is a process, which is well worth the investment.  It provides the confidence to have an amazing life and career.  Not a perfect life, not one where you don’t get scared or frustrated, but one where you can control how long you allow those emotions to run your day and your future.  A life where you can quickly move those emotions out of the way and get on to what’s important  – making a difference and truly enjoying life. 

You probably already have someone in your office that is a force to be reckoned with (a very positive attribute) but they cannot strip away the conditioned drama and crisis. This is from years of conditioned, on the job training that this is how you are heard in the work place.  And if you aren’t stressed and busy, and complaining about it, you aren’t very important.  There isn’t room in this blog to share the techniques to allow a team member to break from this role and step into one of accountability and ownership.  But hopefully, we’ve raised your awareness that you there are certain ingredients you look for when you hire someone and there is specific training they need to go from good to great.

Our absolute commitment in this world is to empower team to let go of years of conditioning and “learning” from their past work experiences and step into a world of ownership, growth and joy!  If you want to finally empower your team to take control of their future we would enjoy supporting you with the astounding difference we know your team can make in your practice and the world of your clients.

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