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Referrals are the lifeblood of most service industries, especially the legal industry, yet so many law firms focus the vast majority of their time, energy, and budget on cold lead generation strategies that result in frustration and apathy towards the vendors they work with. And while there’s a place for SEO and PPC in your marketing plan, it should NEVER be your starting point. Instead, focus on maximizing the number of referrals and repeat business you receive from your current audience before moving on to other initiatives.

Alternatively, maybe you’re reading this and feeling pretty good about yourself because most or all of your business already comes from referral. And while that’s great, the truth is that you’re likely still leaving thousands of dollars in new casework on the table every month.

How do we know?

A few years ago, Texas Tech University published a study that found roughly 80% of your clients and contacts are more than happy to refer business to you, but only about 30% actually do. That means, at best, you’re likely only receiving about ⅓ of the referrals you should be getting.

That means, right now, as you read this article, you could DOUBLE the number of referrals your firm currently receives. How?

Start by sending an email newsletter, and make sure it contains helpful information. Don’t fill it with calls to action or cookie recipes, but instead provide surface-level advice that showcases your expertise and reminds people of the ways you help.

It’s that simple. All you have to do is send this newsletter at least monthly, and as you get more comfortable in your content ecosystem, you can add to it with other activities:

  • Post daily on social media
  • Film videos answering frequently asked questions
  • Write more blogs
  • Start a podcast

The more you do, the quicker you’ll see results.

In other words—if you want to double your referrals, build a content marketing ecosystem that creates consistent touchpoints with your audience! Marketing doesn’t have to be complicated, and this method has helped hundreds of firm owners all over the country increase their referrals (at a fraction of the cost it takes to compete with BigLaw and their SEO and PPC campaigns).

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