There are many reasons why hiring a new staff member may end in abysmal failure.

In our last blog on this topic we discussed reason #1, not knowing exactly what position you are hiring for, and instead hiring out of pain and overwhelm.

In this blog we’ll share reason #2 your attempts at hiring a new staff member may fail.  It’s very simple, lack of process and time.  In a moment of frustration or overwhelm, an employment ad is placed.  Now what?

It sounds simplistic, but considering that your next three days are back to back with meetings, work you promised would be completed, phone calls to return and emergencies that will inevitably pop up, it could easily be a week before you even have time to start sorting through the too many resumes you receive.

When you do find some spare time, often at home when you would rather be spending time with your family, you start reviewing resumes from a “mood view”.  This means you delete some, keep some, aren’t sure about some, get frustrated and you shut down the computer. Unqualified candidates slip through and possibly good candidates are deleted.  Welcome to “the process”.  And what is already a time consuming, frustrating process for you doesn’t produce valuable, dependable results.

Most importantly, once you get around to contacting candidates a week or more could have passed.  The best of the best have already received job offers and are unavailable.  At the very least, they have interviews lined up that will occur before they can meet with you, which will likely result in them receiving and accepting a job offer prior to you ever getting an interview.

Your hiring process should be just that – a process – predetermined, with consistent standards and steps.  It should be designed to weed out not just the unqualified candidates, but the ones who are great (overqualified)…but not a fit for what you are hiring for.  And it should allow this process to be streamlined and move candidates through the process quickly.

So, before you ever place an ad make sure you have a process in place of what to do next and time scheduled on your calendar to handle the next steps.

If you are trying to hire a new team member, but don’t have a process in place to produce results (and reduce your time and frustration) consider our Smart Hire Solution™ process and let us be your virtual hiring team.  We handle guiding you to the clarity you are hiring for, crafting and placing an ad that attracts qualified candidates and weed out unqualified ones, receiving and reviewing resumes in a systematic, consistent, timely fashion, conducting phone interviews to further qualify candidates and assisting you with a decision after your face to face interviews.  Give us a shout out if we can be of service.

Champions for Your Continued Success,

Molly and Laney

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