I am beyond excited to finally share a project I’ve been working on for the past few months—a project that is very near and dear to my heart…and soul…

Hiring and Empowering Solutions: The Podcast 

After the grueling process of becoming an Amazon #1 Best Seller on their coveted Movers & Shakers list, I had this nagging feeling that there HAS to be a faster way to create consistent momentum. An immediate “2 millimeter in-the-moment booster shot” to keep our tribe on a forward-moving path, in real time.

Launching this podcast is a dream I’ve had for years! This weekly podcast is not only a place to talk about all of the business things—hiring, employees, bosses, leadership, marketing and revenue—but also a place to talk about the ever-present human aspects that impact your results. Stuff like energy, spirituality, relationships, family, health and freedom. Undeniably, there is a growing awareness of the importance of personal character and energetic measurement when studying organizational behavior….and through this podcast we are bringing that awareness to light!

Over the past few weeks I’ve been busy interviewing some of the most inspiring employees, trail-blazing attorneys, and national difference-makers in the personal development arena! I am ecstatic that today, finally, I can begin sharing some of it with you!

The first 4 episodes of the podcast are live right now!

Episode 1: How to Give Your Employees Permission to Fully Step Into Becoming an Intraprenuer
Take a deep dive into what it takes to support a start-up and grow it into a million dollar law firm…in just 16 months. Our spotlight guest, trailblazer COO Meredith Glendening of The Sechler Law Firm.

Episode 2: How to Stop Tolerating Underperforming Employees
Don’t be held hostage by a lack of emotional intelligence. Instead, begin to build a business model and team on your terms, with unapologetic, unrelenting standards. Featuring powerhouse “TheTrademarkGirl.Rocks” national trademark attorney, Kelley Keller, founder of The Keller Law Firm.

Episode 3: How to Get your Employees to Step Up and Lead
Based on our #1 Amazon Movers & Shakers Best-Selling book about how to hire future employees who are full of possibilities and opportunities. We discuss the need for employee empowerment in order to finally, once-and-for-all stop the revolving door of employees coming and going from your firm.

Episode 4: Mind Blowing Spotlights
Featuring my first personal development coach, the unshakable, unstoppable George Carroll of GC Training and Events, this episode delves into the process of uncovering, embodying, connecting and beginning to share your “Purpose Story” in a way that increases connection, engagement and—ultimately—enrollment with your clients, community and power partners.

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