The past year has been a year of great change for many people I know, and collectively for all of us as Americans. Some have proactively initiated changes in our lives, and others have been dealt change and are struggling to deal with it.  I’ve always been a fan of change – one who embraces it and indeed sometimes craves breaking out of my comfort zone and exploring new opportunities. However, I’ve learned that when change impacts the foundations you have built your life on – your core relationships and support systems – that change can literally rip away all that you thought you knew about yourself and leave you in a whirlwind of emotion and self-doubt. It can steal your confidence, energy and focus.

Knowing that many of my friends and colleagues are in times of change, be it in their businesses or their personal lives, I want to take a moment and share two keys I have discovered that may help you navigate your change.

The first key is to find your humanity and anchor to it. What do I mean your humanity? Find whatever it is deep within your soul that touches your very spirit. What is it that calls you forward in life? What is it you are passionate about and feel like you are you “true self” when you are a part of it? What is your mission or your Primary Aim in life? Find it – and anchor to it. As the change in your life blows around you, cling to your humanity – it is your North Star. Let it call you forward into what your life can be. Let it energize you to deal with the not so pleasant aspects of being in transition or change. You will find that decisions become easier when you are anchored and clear on what you are passionate about in life. Something or someone either serves or supports your passion – or they do not belong in the inner circle of your life. Your path may still be long and it may still be hard, but at least it will be clear. And when you get there, it will be worth it.

For example, my Primary Aim in life is to create possibility for children around the world – the possibility of education, of safety, of a better life. Even now, as I have momentary panic attacks while growing my business or feel overwhelmed with opinions and opportunities, I anchor to my Primary Aim. Does each decision I make support my Primary Aim? If considering a new service offering – does it allow me the flexibility to pursue my goal of working from around the world? If not, it is not for me. Is the person I am being a person who can create possibility and opportunity? Does each decision support finding happiness in my life? Comparing the outcome of each decision with my Primary Aim in life makes my decisions very clear, and reduces the needless suffering over them.

In the chaos of day to day life, you may honestly not know what your humanity or Primary Aim are. An easy exercise, “Locating Your Passion Keys” can help you begin to identify what your passion in life is. And almost always, your Primary Aim and humanity will be connected – that’s what makes you passionate about it. Email us for a copy of the exercise.

As one who is dealing with the winds of change, I can’t encourage you enough to get clear on what you want in your life, and make it authentic – make it something you are passionate about.  This will keep you focused on your path and authentic in your actions. 

Stay tuned for the 2nd key to finding your focus in the midst of change.

“One day the sum of all your challenges will be like feathers on your wings – so you can fly where only eagles dare.” ~Indian Proverb

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