Beautiful Woman with Pencil and Folder Isolated on White.True.  There is alot of competition out there for jobs.  However, 80% of what we encounter when helping a small business with a Smart Hire Solution is immediately disqualified from consideration.  Beat 80% of the competition by following this simple First Impressions Checklist.  These are REAL LIFE things we see everyday!  With a little effort, it really is that simple to get into the top 20%!

#1. Resume Readiness

–          Proof it – no typos

–          Clear and concise

–          Appropriate, industry specific purpose

#2. Voicemail/Phone Impressions

–          No music ring tones

–          Professional voicemail message

–          Answer professionally

–          Check and return calls promptly – from a quiet location – with a pen and paper for notes

#3. Email

–          Have a professional email address (no silly email address)

–          Check and respond promptly

–          Respond professionally – spell check – no abbreviations or symbols

#4. Social Media

–          Google search yourself and see what comes up – what strangers can see

–          Clean up your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. – no inappropriate pictures, cursing or complaining about current job

#5. Interview Attire

–          Dress professionally!  You can NOT overdress for an interview.

–          No crazy jewelry, nail polish, etc.

–          Cover tattoos

Champions of your continued success,

Molly and Laney


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