If, like many, the new year has your bank account low and calendar empty, you might be feeling a little anxious about how to make it through January while your pipeline refills.

Most business owners finish out year-end in a blur of last-minute client work, holiday closures and distractions, and they get hit with a lot of annual expenses. At the same time, new clients seem to have hibernated, leaving January slow and a little scary.

It isn’t unusual to find yourself in a bit of a cash flow crunch the first month (or quarter) of a new year while your normal marketing and sales processes grind back into gear.

If you are feeling this pressure, let us help you find cash flow ALREADY hiding in your business.

After 20 years, we know all the hiding places where revenue is sitting, just waiting to be noticed and collected.

In a one-hour call we will help you find, identify, and create an EASY action plan to get money in the door in 30 days.

This isn’t a long-term revenue source plan – it’s an emergency plan for times like this, when your normal business has slowed down and you need to look deep for what’s already in your business waiting to be moved and collected.

For $197, we will walk you and your team through what’s already sitting in your office that can produce immediate cash flow, and we will create an easy action plan of steps to take to collect it and who is responsible for each step.

Contact us now at info@hiringandempowering.com to schedule your call. The sooner the better – so you can get started collecting money now!

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