businessman in dunce hatThink money is everything? Then why do we keep seeing exceptional people quit lucrative jobs because of the team players they were forced to work with?

The team around you is the make-or-break element of your ability to succeed in the workplace.  There are two sides of the workplace equation, namely, those who look to you for support, and those to whom you look for support.  In other words, are you working in and providing others with an environment of co-workers who inspire and allow growth?

The biggest trap you can fall into is the trap of “I can do it faster myself.” It is one we recognize well, having occupied it ourselves time after time.  If you are overloaded with work and feel you don’t have the “time” to stop and train someone to help you, things will never change.  You will continue to be overloaded and overworked.

The other devastating effect of “I can do it faster myself” is that you not only harm yourself, but you deny your team an opportunity for growth.  And a team that grows together stays together.

To empower yourself and your team, you have to create growth opportunities for all involved.  As you move forward, they move forward with you.  No talented team member is going to be satisfied with less.

If you’re still overwhelmed by the thought of training a new person, think of how much time you’re already dedicating to dealing with problem employees.  How much time do you spend cleaning up their messes, having corrective conversations with them, or calming down a boss who is in an uproar?  Are you really saving time and energy by not correcting those team issues?

Instead start taking the steps to build a solid team with integrity, passion, and potential.

Champions of your continued success,
Molly and Laney

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