employee empowerment & engagementEmployee empowerment is one of those big business buzz words that sounds to be in favor of the employee, but not necessarily the employer. However, when properly engaged and empowered, employees can relieve executives of some of the weight on their shoulders. By stepping up and becoming leaders, your entire organization stands to benefit: good decisions can be made faster, resulting in more satisfied customer, which, in turn, brings in more referral business. Not only that, but employees will be happier and more loyal, which improves the whole dynamic of your corporate culture.

Employee empowerment is totally a win-win.

But what does it look like? Engaged and empowered employees want flexibility and a positive work environment. They want to be part of a team with open and transparent communication, all working towards a set of common business goals. To foster employee empowerment and engagement at your organization, think about these factors:

1. Corporate culture & mission. Peel back the layers of your corporate culture and make sure there is a compelling mission driving the purpose of your business. Not only will you be able to tailor your hiring to those who your mission resonates with, but you’ll also ensure all members of your team are on the same page, working towards the same overarching goals.

2. Clear communication about…everything. Make sure each employee knows what is expected of them, and what they have the freedom to do. If you have a message that needs to be heard, some experts recommend that you communicate it seven times to get the point across! Be transparent and give employees the information they need to step up and lead. You also need to make sure that communication is a two way street—employees should feel comfortable speaking openly and honestly with you, too.

3. Encourage decision-making. When employees know they have the ability to call the shots, they have the chance to truly step up and lead. Not all of them will, but the ones who do will make a real difference at your company.

4. Create cross-functional teams. The days of business silos are gone, and a new, cross-functional teamwork platform has emerged triumphant! Build teams that leverage the expertise of your entire corporate family, encourage members to take leadership roles within their teams, and reap the benefits of improved communication and the ability to find better solutions to business challenges—faster and more resourcefully.

5. Keep the customer in mind. Don’t forget the bottom line. Make sure employee engagement and empowerment initiatives are connected back to customer satisfaction and, ultimately, profitability and success. As you begin to implement these empowering changes at your organization, make sure you can track them back to a measurable return.

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It’s a new world out there, and the workforce is demanding more flexibility, more communication, and a more positive work environment. It’s harder than ever to foster loyalty amongst your employees, but by engaging and empowering them, your chances are much better.

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