“I am lucky if I will make enough to cover overhead this month. We are not going to reach goal, the month is half over and I’m just going to hit the ground running in November. I need to get work out, finish the content for our new website and I have this intern sitting here staring at me and I think I’m just going to send them home, I don’t even know exactly what I need them to do.”

“Diane, stop. Close your eyes, and I want you to put your hand on your heart and take three deep, cleansing breaths … 5 counts in … 8 counts out. Again.”

What I love most about this call is this solopreneur’s awareness, and then willingness to pick up the phone and call somebody to download the worry before it ate her alive.

You know you are on the right path when the heart palpitations begin. In our experience, this means you need to do something take action. Tony Robbins calls these emotions in motion. Until you take action, even 2-millimeter action, you will remain paralyzed in a pool of worry. It is time to take action, any action, to get your clarity and confidence back in alignment.

It’s been said that the root of worry is lack of information. When we allow ourselves to sit in a place of worry without some sort of expression and action, the worry never subsides. You cannot gain the information you need until you take action.

A path of intentional growth involves some combination of the following. Take 30 minutes (don’t make it into a project) and complete this exercise:

  1. Panic
  2. Summon powerful questions such as:
    • I no longer want to be doing …
    • I really want to be doing …
    • If I waved a magic wand I would stop …
    • If I waved a magic wand I would start …
  1. Put pen to paper and begin a list of all the things worrying you, big and small.
  2. Take action on three of the easiest/quickest items on that list IMMEDIATELY. Don’t even think about it; just take action on the three easiest to get your confidence and energy flowing.
  3. Share your list with a coach or member of your team to schedule out action on the remaining items on your list, for yourself and/or to delegate to someone else.

Once you have taken the above five steps, you will know you are on a path to what you really want: the natural path of intentional, controlled growth without anxiety and uncertainty.

There is nothing more disempowering than knowing fully that you need to do something (like hiring help) while feeling so deeply stuck in “I don’t know how.”

Taking action and making decisions that require time, money and changes to your environment can be scary, especially when you have already started taking action and want to pull back because “it” didn’t work before. Once you realize the worry is getting the best of you, then you are in “awareness hell.” You are aware of what you can no longer tolerate, and you can’t “unknow” it, but the “action” it requires to get out seems daunting and overwhelming, and you don’t think you have the time to do it. Trust us, the task is never as big as our minds lead us to believe. What makes it enormous is the worry and unknown being trapped in our minds and never seeing the light of day. Taking the above actions will remove the panic and worry immediately. It will create space for you to breath and calm down about whatever might be the topic at hand. It will allow you to relationally anchor into what needs to occur, how it might occur and where your next step is to find the resources to get started.

Share the results of this exercise with us at info@hiringandempowering.com and we will schedule a complimentary 30-minute drive-by coaching discovery call with you to get you on a consistent path free of worry.

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Molly Hall

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