In the businesID-100109204s world there is constant discussion of ROI – return on investment – in connection with every matter imaginable. If entrepreneurs could track the number of breaths each employee takes in an hour to equate the productivity and focus upsurge per employees’ hourly rate, there would be an ROI tracker installed in their lungs.

Some things are straightforward and simple, others not so much.

Last month I was visiting one of my favorite clients, and as we drove into his satellite office parking lot, he explained that they just hired a full-time body for that office. “Why?” I asked. “There are only clients in that office a few days a month. Why invest in a full-time employee?” “Simple,” he rebutted with a grin on his face: “To dial for appointments.”

Katie is a $15/hr employee whose sole focus is to call on past clients, starting with the first year the firm was in business. It is BRILLIANT. Talk about ROI!

How does she go about it?

1. She started with clients who hadn’t been in for a very long time, before they even had an annual review program. She was trying to get them in for a complimentary review appointment.

2. Then she moved on to clients who had been in, but who never hired them for one reason or another, to see if they were interested in a complimentary diagnostic appointment.

She had been on their payroll for 10 weeks when I met her last month. She had just scheduled her 155th appointment. The part that blew me away was that she was working off spreadsheets, not even a CRM database – they hadn’t migrated their old data into a database yet. Talk about an old school way of getting business.

So, the ROI? $15/hr x 40 hrs/week x 4 weeks = $2,400 a month (roughly). Their average fee is $5,000. Possible good investment?

I know, “That may work for him but we ….” I get it: You may be a solopreneur who:

* Is struggling to get clients (money) in the door to begin with;

* Hasn’t connected with the clients who have come in over the years but never hired you, and you’re not willing to invest in “tire kickers” and waste your time … again;

* Can’t keep up with the current work on your desk.

Irrespective of the status of your business, an investment in an appointment setter is a phenomenal return on investment, regardless of which of the above scenarios you might be in. Sometimes you have to take the time to power down and look at the WHOLE picture vs. pigeonholing yourself into why time, money, space, calendar or files won’t allow for investing in people to help you grow your business. You can’t keep falling back on how it “won’t work for me.”

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