Starting a business can be intimidating.

There are so many projects you need to complete and hats you need to wear, not to mention the ecosystem you need to select for success. It’s hard to know where to begin without feeling overwhelmed. But before you lose your sanity, let’s talk about what your first steps should be.

Imagine your business, what do you want it to stand for? What will it accomplish in the lives of your clients? What characteristics do you want those who work for you to exemplify? These are the important questions you need to be asking yourself before you launch anything or take another step forward in your business.

1What are we driving at? Core Values. At the end of the day, Core Values are what it all comes down to. Your business’s core values are going to show your potential customers and your employees what you are all about. Curious about where to start? For most of us the easiest place to start is with our mission statement. A clear statement about our business. Need an example? Consider Twitter’s mission statement – “To give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers.” The company’s values are made clear immediately. No fancy or empty words.

While your mission statement does not have to be anything like Twitter’s, you should have one and it needs to be straight to the point. After creating a mission statement, you need to think about how you are going to implement it within your business. What are the values you will hold and implement in your business that reinforce your mission statement and share with the world? Do your employees share these values? How will you train on them?

Core Values are an evolving part of your business, just like your company services and the way you do business. You want to start small, especially if you’ve never done this before. If you need a little help we can work together in a Business Strategy Session designed to build the foundation your business needs for success. Although it can be hard at the outset, defining these crucial parts of your business will make difficult decisions fall in place much more naturally. Whatever Core Values you decide on, embrace them in all that you do.


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