How many times have you been part of a conversation where the words “career” and “job” are used synonymously? More than you can count, right? We know we have been a part of those conversations and it makes us cringe.

When we hear those two words used in the same way, however, it makes us wonder – does the user understand there is a drastic difference between the two? A job is something that is short-term, a way to earn some cash to get by, and there are no long-range plans in place. A career on the other hand is grounded in a deep ambition to achieve a lifelong dream.

Career or Job?As an employer it is crucial that you know the difference between these two things, but also that you know what your future employees really want from you and your business. You have to ask the tough question – are you a career or a job?

The reason why you need to know what your employees want is because you want to avoid heartbreak, or even worse an absent employee in a time of urgency. This is not to say you cannot hire people who are searching for a job, but it is important to be careful what role you place them in. If you are looking for someone who is going to work for you long-term, then it is only smart to place someone in that position that has the same desires as you (a long-term career).

How do you know? Be honest with your employees about what you are searching for. Be up front in the interview process and don’t leave any details out. And for all of the employees out there, respect what your employer is looking for. If they clearly state that they want someone who is in it for the long run, then don’t screw them over. It will save them heartache, and you a negative reference.

There are a lot of factors involved in the hiring process, but this is one you do not want to forget on the checklist. It can be, however, one of the most difficult to ask. Take a lesson from us – make sure you know what you are getting yourself into before it’s too late and hire the wrong person. Need help? That’s what we are here for! Contact us to start The Smart Hire Solution Process in your business.

Champions of your continued success,
Laney and Molly
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