“I’m really worried about how hiring someone is going to work out for me. I don’t even know exactly what I need them to do; I have a vague list, but I know I need help. I don’t have a computer for the new hire to work with, then it occurs to me that there’s workers compensation, unemployment, office insurance, etc. etc. etc.  Yikes!  Calm my troubled heart!  Can I really make this work?”

What I love most about this message is that this solopreneur is realizing the need to plan for these things NOW, not after the new hire begins and is sitting on the payroll.  The anxiety and uncertainty doesn’t stop the fact that they can begin to plan (and budget) in advance instead of waiting until the hiring process begins.

You know you are on the right path when the heart palpitations begin. In our experience, this means you need to do something. It is time to take action, but when you have the wherewithal to allow “the power of the pause” and start to ask forceful, purposeful, intentional questions, it leads you to ask, “Can I really make this work?”

A path of intentional growth involves some combination of the following:

  1. Panic
  2. Summon powerful questions such as
  • I no longer want to be doing…
  • I really want to be doing…
  • If I waived a magic wand I would stop…
  • If I waived a magic wand I would start…
  1. Brain dump and begin a list of all the logistical issues
  2. Share your list with a trusted advisory team/person for feedback and input

When the above four things occur, you know you are on the right path ? the natural path of intentional, controlled growth without anxiety and uncertainty.

There is nothing more disempowering than knowing fully that you need to do something (like hiring help) while feeling so deeply stuck in “Can I really make this work?”

Making decisions that require time, money and changes to your environment can be scary, especially when you have already started taking action and want to pull back and say, “Wait, I didn’t really mean it.” But once you are aware of what you can no longer tolerate, you can’t “unknow” it. Taking the above actions will remove the panic and worry immediately. It will create space for you to breath and calm down about whatever the topic at hand is. It will allow you to relationally anchor into what needs to occur, how it might occur and where your next step is to find the resources to get started.

If you are struggling with being stalled or with identifying where your next action should be in your business, click here now and schedule yourself and your team for a complimentary 30-minute diagnostic call to get you started on a path of intentional growth that serves you and your business.

Molly Hall

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