It doesn’t matter what type of work you do or where you do it.  The greatest frustration is the constant battle for time.  Most entrepreneurs we have worked with have attended numerous courses and webinars and purchased products on time management. Yet somehow all the planning, time templates, tools and concepts seem to blow up every 90 days leaving your calendar in chaos. You can set your clock to it. We are all faced with it…fighting for time. The team is fighting for time on the attorney’s calendar to fit in client appointments and for production time.  The attorney is fighting for any time outside of client appointments to not only “get the work done” but to focus on future growth activities and projects.

The good news is there is a way to stop the exhausting pattern. The first step is to recognize the patterning of “time thievery” that creeps in every 90-days and to proactively put a plan in place to stop it.  A huge misconception is that you can “fix” your calendar and it will stay that way.  Because your work flow, type of work, team needs and personal commitments fluctuate, the plan for how to handle your calendar needs to be adjusted periodically. 

It really is quite simple.  RIGHT NOW, go to your calendar and book an appointment every 90-days for the next year.  A real appointment, not an ‘if I don’t have anything else to do’ appointment!  Preferably schedule this appointment on a Monday or Friday during on your Construction Days, to revisit your time template, analyze your the “Time Thievery” that is slipping into your day and check in on the  important “stuff” you never got too over the past 30-days.  See what is taking up your time and what isn’t making the cut.  Adjust accordingly.
Sound too simple? Think you’ve already tried this and it has never worked? Convinced this might work for someone else but not YOUR practice? Think again. It…Really…Is… Simple.  Don’t overcomplicate it!  Your calendar seems overwhelming because it gets out of control and you are forced to deal with it reactively.  The habit of adhering to the “Time and Money” way, or whatever time template you are using, and then a proactive scheduling a “90-day Time Analysis” with your key team member, does work.  With a little determination and discipline, you will see results within 90-days.

Imagine a firm where you, as the entrepreneur, have uninterrupted, pre-determined space each week to tap into your creativity, nurture referral relationships and write without trying to cram these future-focused, revenue building activities in between the “stuff I have to do for the firm”. Whether you are awake to it or not, if you are NOT spending  at least 20% of your time on intentional future building activities each week, you may be constantly dealing with inconsistent cash flow, unqualified clients and feeling like you own a job vs. a business.

The kicker is that prospective clients and referral course can sense the lack of future-focused space in your world with every interaction. It’s unfathomable to digest that year-end 2011 is just 11 weeks away, the holidays are swooping in and you have goals you haven’t been able to even start working on yet.  This is the very reason to find time now to proactively address your calendar so it can provide you the time and space you need to handle your current commitments and have time for growth activities.  Block the time out for the entire team to create a plan for your calendar and start proactively building your world for 2012 with safety nets in place every 90-days.    Not sure where to start?  We’ve already recorded the calendar conversation you need to have with your team!  Order our Webinar download, “Time and Money” ($29).  To order, email

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