molly and laneyOver the years, it has become a tradition for us to post a blog about gratitude as we enter the holiday season. It’s the blog we get the most response to—by far!—which is great, because it means we’re getting people to focus on the positive and think about what they’re grateful for!

We know how easy it can be to worry about all of the things we don’t have, or the things that haven’t happened to us yet. These thoughts distract us from making note of the beautiful relationships that exist in our lives, and the amazing things that have already happened. A negative thought or action can impact our mood for the whole day.

But, in that same token then, can’t a positive thought or action also impact our mood for a whole day?

The holiday season, while rooted in the spirit of gratitude, peace and love, has turned into this impossibly hectic, high stress, say-yes-to-every-party-invitation, go, go, go time of year. And when we’re in the middle of that chaos, it’s so easy to lose sight of what’s truly important in life. With Thanksgiving already here, and the holiday season knocking at our front door, let’s stop, take a moment, and acknowledge all that we are grateful for. The simple act of expressing gratitude will start your holiday season on a stress-free note, while allowing you to center your focus on why you do what you do everyday—what it’s all for.

Here’s how to be grateful in 10 minutes or less:

Spend 5-10 minutes tapping into five things that you are grateful for. Things that your life would be less rich if you didn’t have. Make note of why you’re grateful for each things. And there you have it—a ten minute gratitude challenge that can recharge your batteries, instill confidence, and start your holiday season on the right foot.

Here are Hiring & Empowering Solutions, some of the things we’re most grateful for are:

1. Family: Our children are healthy and happy. We have a family that loves us, and that can be a part of our children’s lives—not many can say that. It’s the little things that are so very impactful to our children that make our hearts swell with gratitude. What more can we ask for than children who are healthy enough to experience the thrills of childhood and everything in between?

2. Health: We know it sounds cliche, but we start and end our day by moving our bodies. We are healthy enough to work long hours and serve our clients well. We have nothing if we don’t have our health.

3. Clients: The people who have been there for us for decades, supporting us and trusting us with their business needs…and making us better people for it. The people who hold us accountable for being awesome every day. Thank you!

4. Faith: For bringing us calmness, inspiration, and strength, and for making us feel amazingly connected to humanity.

5. Community. In our connectedness, we have the opportunity to serve others, learn from others, share, and connect with humanity. It makes all the “work” worth it!

Take the time today—right now, even!—to practice this simple act of gratitude. Gratitude is a magnet for miracles. It will create new opportunities, improve your physical and mental health, keep you calm—even during the chaotic holiday season, and improve your self esteem. Furthermore, scientific studies have connected gratitude with the ability to achieve one’s goals.

What are you grateful for today? Grab your journal (or buy a new one…we hear there are a few Black Friday deals going on right now ?) and take a few minutes to acknowledge and write down the five things you are grateful for. We get it, and we know you are busy. We all are. But you can set aside 5 minutes for gratitude. And…you’ll be grateful you did!

This Thanksgiving, we will be remembering all of you with extraordinary gratitude. Gratitude for the constant support in its countless forms, for sending encouragement, sharing our resources with your colleagues, referring us to your friends, trusting us with your teams, befriending us on Facebook, and keeping us in your thoughts. We are constantly amazed by your kindheartedness, year after year.

To quote Johannes “Meister” Eckhart, “If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, ‘thank you,’ that would suffice.”

A very grateful Thanksgiving holiday to you and your family!

Molly and Laney

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