Frustrated blondeWhat a week!  Haven’t we all been there?  I’m in the middle of moving (again), lost a good friend to a stroke, my kid is sick and so on.  I know I’m not the only one having one of “those” weeks.  Some colleagues I’ve spoken to are dealing with employees quitting unexpectedly and leaving them in a bind, cash flow struggles, health issues of their own, and more.  Trust me, the last thing I wanted to do right now was stop and write a blog post when I have a hundred other things to do.

Then I realized a few things.

First, how I feel about my business and myself right now is not “the truth.”  It’s just how anyone would normally feel at the end of a challenging, emotional week.  And it’s OK.  But I’ve learned to feel it and move through it without making any decisions about my business while I’m in that place.  This isn’t just a feel-good notion, it’s sound business advice.  Don’t make a bad business move from a place of stress, fatigue and depletion.  It’s OK to be there for a moment, but you won’t make your best decisions from there.  How many times have we all knee-jerk reacted in our worst weeks and made decisions that we had to clean up later?

Second, ground yourself by looking for truths about what you do have – even in weeks where it seems like you don’t have much going in your favor.  Did our family lose a special person? Yes.  But I am more equipped to support my husband through the grieving process after having worked in the estate planning industry for 17 years.   I’m grateful for that – and for every attorney and team member I’ve worked with who helps clients in times of loss.  I truly see the work you do in a deeper, more appreciative light.  Am I moving, again? Yep, and it’s a lot of work.  But I have a virtual business that allows me to move without having to find a new job.    Did your receptionist just quit, effective immediately?  Perhaps.  But you have two dedicated team members who have been with you for over five years who still show up every day, have your back, and will continue to do so.  Are you having cash flow struggles?  Maybe.  But you have a list of marketing contacts and ideas you haven’t had time to get to, don’t you?  You know you do!  You have opportunity, know-how and most likely the resources you need to bring in more business.

So in our worst weeks, sometimes we just have to say “This week sucked!”  We deal with what’s in front of us and refuse to overreact and make decisions we’ll regret or have to revisit when things settle down.  Are you having one of those weeks?  Anchor to what IS working in your business (or your life) and don’t feel pressured to make decisions right now about what isn’t.

Champions of your continued success,

Laney and Molly

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