Do you find most of your days you lose control, no matter how hard you work to create your ideal day?

It’s frustrating to lose control of your day, but you can either throw your hands up or decide to “do the best you can” or decide to take charge, set limits, and refuse to let your day push you around.  We receive phone calls daily from team members who want to know how do I “get my boss organized?”  We always suggest they not try to explain to the boss all the things he or she does that drive them crazy.  After all, we know first-hand that you aren’t trying to drive your team crazy on purpose.  If you knew how to be more organized and get all your to-do items done, you would.  But as an entrepreneur, that’s not always a strength of yours and quite frankly, it’s often why you hired team in the first place…for help!

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Working harder won’t solve the fundamental problem.  It will only leave you, and your team, more exhausted and strained.  However, there’s good news.  Typically, the boss is really only suffering from an unintentional lack of focus.  It comes with the territory.  Keep in mind, they have 1,2, 3 or more team members coming to them with questions.  And clients and business associates.  It’s easy for them to get overwhelmed and off focus with so much coming at them each day. 

Often for the boss, it is hard to articulate and specifically say they want the team’s assistance or help.  In reality they begging for it.  If they could do it all on their own, they wouldn’t have hired team.  The request for help usually shows up as comments like “I need you to step up.”  The miss is that the team honestly doesn’t know what that means. They don’t know what that tangibly means they should do differently when they sit down at their desk in the morning.  Successfully getting help, or team to “step up”, is dependent on the ability to articulate exactly what that means and bridging the gap between the vocabulary of a boss versus a team member.

We’ll share the fundamental secret with you. There is no specific day-to-day task that will allow your team to step up or run with the ball, because it’s not a “to do” item, it’s a change of mindset.  We know deep down you don’t want the team to simply come in with a notepad and leave with a glorified “to do” list of your blow by blow instructions to follow.  Deep down you know that alone won’t make a difference. It will just become a nag list for the team to bother you about.  It, alone, won’t help you stay focused on your top three most important activities.  It’s just moving around “To-Do’s”.

What every attorney really wants is a team to help them be able to focus on the activities that will produce revenue.  In Don’t Be a Yes Chick, we share the Nine Ways to Respectfully Focus Your Boss that support this mindset change.  One of our favorite of the nine is #2 – Permission Standards.  For a free copy of this insight, email

Champions of your continued success,

Molly and Laney

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