TGIF, am I right? Maybe that is your attitude, but research shows that for many of us it’s not.

Surprised to read this? If you work 50+ hours a week it can be hard to transition into the weekend and be able to “turn it off.” Those of us who work from home have an even harder time, often putting in an unwitting 7-day work week! Weekends are made for relaxing, but for many of us it is unrealistic or anxiety-ridden to completely cut ourselves off from work.

id-100412986So instead of going cold turkey, learn to set boundaries for yourself. What exactly should your boundaries look like? While everyone needs different boundaries depending on their situation, here are a couple of ideas to get you started.

  1. Don’t push yourself overtime during the week just to get rested up during the weekend. The truth is, even if you push yourself during the week you will probably end up working the same number of hours on the weekend. Pushing yourself hard for a goal only makes it that much worse when you can’t take the time for yourself. Don’t beat yourself up on a daily basis, you only have one you. Remember that moderation is key!
  2. Don’t turn off your phone but do set it aside for a couple of hours a day. The best way to unplug is to put away those mobile devices. We recognize, however, it would worry your mind if you put it away for the whole day. Once again, setting a boundary here is very useful and important.
  3. Set realistic deadlines. In many ways, working weekends, especially the desperate need to work weekends is a sign something is not right. Over the weekend, when you may have extra time take a look at your schedule and see what’s driving you so hard. Is the end in sight or is this your life? This important distinction can make all the difference in the world.

Your weekends can and should be relaxing. While you don’t have to completely leave work behind in the process, do allow yourself space. Set boundaries for yourself, and you will find that your weekends will be more enjoyable than ever! Not sure you can? Then you may not be treating yourself like the VIP you are and need to be set. Set a VIP Strategy Day and save the most important asset to your business – you!



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