Even with all the insights, strategies, and techniques you can find to empower yourself it can be difficult to stay focused, empowered and passionate about your future.

A big danger to the future you can create is emotional vampires.

Emotional vampires are those people, or sometimes even situations, that constantly drain your emotional energy. They take support, energy, and focus from you, and they can show up in a variety of ways.

Some are obvious.  They are negative, pessimistic types that pull you down.   Some are less obvious because they are really nice people, but their life is full of drama that they can’t contain.  Being a dramatic person isn’t a good or bad thing-it’s just a description.  However, drama can be irresponsibly allowed to steal other people’s emotional energy. These emotional vampires tend to operate in a constant state of emergency and chaos and suck you into this whirlwind with them.

The best way to identify an emotional vampire is to notice when the person consistently takes more than they give. And it’s a repeating cycle. Everyone goes through a time once in a while and needs to pull from a relationship, but this is different.  An emotional vampire is more so a way of being, not a situational state.  Regardless of their current situation, this person always moves into vampire role.  Be objective about your relationships.  Even if a person is really nice, funny, or whatnot, if in your gut you dread interacting with them, but “feel bad” and stay in this unhealthy relationship, the emotional vampire has gotten ahold of you.  They can steal your focus, energy, and confidence.

You must protect yourself, and your team, from emotional vampires stealing their potential.  If you know you have emotional vampires around you and want to begin putting safety nets in place to protect yourself, join us for our free webinar, “What Your Support Team Needs to Know to Help You Succeed” on September 28th at 11am-noon EST.  To register email info@yeschick.com.

Champions of your continued success,

Molly and Laney

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