Let’s be true to ourselves.  We all know what a ‘Yes Chick’ is.  We’ve all been next to one in meetings or been annoyed by them at times.

A Yes Chick is someone who nods her head and agrees even when she really has a better suggestion or approach that could save time, money, and frustration.  A Yes Chick hears an idea that will cost the company money and manpower, but goes with the general consensus rather than objecting.  A Yes Chick gets annoyed when others don’t complete projects and tasks on time, but she doesn’t speak up and hold people accountable for the good of the company and the good of the team.  It is how we’ve been conditioned, or programmed to “do a good job” and keep our mouths shut.  What’s hard to reconcile is how on Earth to identify a Yes Chick and then how to turn them into empowered intrapreneurs…always having your back.

Here are some truths that identify a Yes Chick:
? Nods their head in agreement to a mediocre idea because they are starving and just want to get out of the meeting or because everyone else is nodding as well.
? Doesn’t fully understand a shared idea or concept, but the little voice in their head told them to keep quiet because everyone else there was more qualified, and after all, they “got it”.
? They’ve been cornered in the kitchen by a team member complaining about the boss and even though they think the boss was right, they nod and sip coffee until they could make an escape.

Yes-ing, even for the best reasons, is a temporary reprieve from dealing with reality.  It might be the right answer for the moment, but it’s the right answer for the wrong job. A constant yes-er can also “yes” herself right into Worker Bee Syndrome.  Every true boss will eventually tire of someone who constantly agrees with him because there is no challenge or honestly there.  The Yes Chick will just become a Worker Bee.  Someone good for producing paperwork but never growing into that trusted circle of valued opinions every entrepreneur needs.

To hear how to eliminate the “Yes Chick” syndrome in your office and replace it with empowerment and accountability join us for a free webinar, “What Your Support Team Needs to Know to Help You Succeed” on September 28th at 11am-noon EST.  To register, email info@yeschick.com.

Champions of your continued success,

Molly and Laney

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