Last weekend I headed to SpringfielID-100360296d, MO to complete the final piece of a six-month Money Marketing Coaching program I’ve been enrolled in. The program consisted of intense bi-weekly phone sessions working on your profit pyramid, and two in-person weekend events, The 48-hour Breakthrough 1.0 and 2.0. I attended The 48-Hour Breakthrough 1.0 In November, and now I found myself back for 2.0. Hard to believe what I have accomplished in six months; I honestly am not even the same person.

1.0 was all about shedding the crap that has been holding you back and keeping you stuck in your business and your life. It was about setting boundaries, removing blind spots and burning the mental box we keep ourselves stuck in that is filled with nothing but worst-case scenarios and fear.

2.0 was all about getting paid what you are worth. In hour one, we were already putting in writing our “BIG MONEY” revenue goal for 60 days and one year. And then we were doubling it. We doubled our hourly fee. We doubled our time off and finally we doubled our time in front of people, a.k.a. the only way we make money.

Did it feel uncomfortable? Hell yes; in hour one it sure did. But by hour 48 there was absolutely not one scrap of fear, one reason or one excuse lingering. We learned that the biggest block to truth is the assumptions we make. We are wired for reasons, excuses and resistance. We are trained to constantly look for problems. But the truth of the matter is, problems lead you to what you really want. After the 48-hour breakthrough, I got on the plane and sent an email off to fire a client. It felt great. When I landed 90 minutes later, I had a message from a client wanting to hire me. I addressed a problem and created space for what I really wanted.

Generating income and having money is the way for me to serve the world, help others and be the best version of me, because without money you cannot make a difference or have an impact. Our leader, Lora Newman, took an unwavering stand for each of us to have a breakthrough in our behavior and actions with money. “How you do money is how you do everything,” Lora professed. “If you don’t focus on money, money will find a way to get your attention.” At the end of the event, Lora gave us a challenge: Write down all the places where you are not showing up fully in your business. I listed our four areas. Then we took each of the areas and focused on where we wanted to be; we didn’t spend any time on the how. “The how shuts you down,” she said.

So what is it that you need to shift to honor your new emerging business? What are the three different ways of redefining your business that you can act on now that will get you to your BIG MONEY GOAL? And how can you enroll and empower those around you to support you in this? If you’re still stuck in “the how” and If you aren’t sure where to start, contact us for a complimentary 30-minute “Team Empowerment Assessment” at

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