Hiring a new staff member is scary. And most likely your previous attempts at hiring were a failure.  In a moment of pain, exhaustion and overwhelm, you hire the first person that came across your path and it didn’t work out for whatever reason and the employment was ended.

And then the message you send to yourself is, “I am never doing THAT again!” or “I am better off doing it myself, takes half the time and I save the money.”

But the truth is, you are not saving time, money or frustration. Your still exhausted, overwhelmed and not seeing your revenue increase. And you know deep down inside, you need help.

How to get over the fear of “been there, done that”, “don’t spend that money again, it won’t work!”

Here are 5 Ways to get over the Fear of Hiring:

  1. Time: Track your time for one week and see all the administrative junk you are touching. Once you write everything you touch down and spend 10 minutes reflecting on it you see in plain sight all the time you are NOT spending operating like a business owner. You see all the administrative stuff you are held hostage to. This list will drastically reduce your fear and provide the confidence and clarity to get back on the hiring horse. Otherwise, you will never get unstuck and get over the hurdle of where you are to get to where you want to be.
  2. Money: Back into how you are going to pay for this new person. Let’s say a new hire would cost you $400 a week. How much is your average fee? Back into how many new matters, cases or hours you would need to bill to pay for this person. Our recommendation is you at least double it (there are always hidden costs). So if your average fee is $1,200 then you will need to bring in two cases to make the decision to hire someone eliminate the fear and allow for you to gain the confidence that you don’t have to have anxiety about how you are going to pay for this person. Go back to #1 above; if you are not freed up, you won’t have the time to bring the work in. This will eliminate the fear x 2.
  3. Interview & Hire: If you interview and hire from the place of integrity, mindset, character, values, belief systems and emotional intelligence, you can’t lose. Once you know have the right ad to attract the attributes you wish to have in your office, have the powerful interview questions to interview and then ultimately hire your next superstar candidate, there is no reason to be fearful. When you have a process, the anxiety disappears. Visit our blog for endless tips & techniques for how to systematize the interview and hire process in your business.
  4. Training: Most entrepreneurs have an enormous amount of anxiety around what to do with their employee once they hire them. When you have a system for onboarding and training your new team member, they almost never leave or force you to fire them. Don’t underestimate the intentionality and time it takes to train a new employee. Good news, you can let go of fear right now, we have your back. Email us for a complimentary copy of our webinar Essentials to hire, empower and keep great employees”and the accompanying 90-Day Training plan. Knowing you have this available to you, will allow you to let that fear go right out the window.
  5. Reviews: The biggest mistake we see business owners make is they hire and onboard their new employee and then check the box “Done”. But the truth is, you are never “done.” You must have 30/60/90/120/annual reviews for the first year of your new employee. And then quarterly after that. As humans we need feedback and a path and plan for growth. When you have this in place, you will never be waiting for “the other shoe to drop.” You will officially be able to let go of the fear of “too good to be true” or “not sure how long this is going to last”.

It sounds simplistic, because it is. What is already a fearful process for most entrepreneurs doesn’t have to be one of paralysis. You can produce valuable, dependable results.

The process to get over the fear of hiring your first employee should be just that – a process – predetermined, with consistent standards and steps.  It should be designed to weed out not just the unqualified candidates, but the ones who are great (overqualified)…not a fit for what you are hiring for.

So, before you begin the hiring process make certain you have a process in place for what to do first, second and ongoing and make certain you have time scheduled on your calendar to handle all the steps. Your time and intentionally are just as vital as the process.

If you are trying to hire a new team member, but don’t have a process in place to produce results (and reduce your time and frustration) consider our Smart Hire Solution™ process and let us be your virtual hiring team.  We handle guiding you to the clarity you are hiring for, crafting and placing an ad that attracts qualified candidates and weed out unqualified ones, receiving and reviewing resumes in a systematic, consistent, timely fashion, conducting phone interviews to further qualify candidates and assisting you with a decision after your face to face interviews.  Give us a shout out to schedule a complimentary 30 minute Discovery Call to see where we can support you info@hiringandempowering.com.


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